Grounding Ritual


You’re well grounded, you’re cleared of excess energy, you’re probably connected, so any excess energy flows to their lack of grounding during a ritual is dangerous. There are some symptoms (nervousness, short temper, fatigue, illness). Other symptoms may be exhaustion of your immune system (that may include dizziness, an unbalanced feeling, being confused, chakra balances and chakra energy disturbances in the aura or subtle bodies).

Select stones to ground and think heavy especially talk Ors Load Stone Scalia and Hematite, bronze and Brett are less commonly used that are both heavy and also good choices aground. Dark Colors like black tourmaline, smoky quartz and Onyx can also be used. experiment, with everyone to fill which one works for you. hold the stone your hand cupping one palm over the other. Popular visualization for grounding it’s imagine yourself as a tree roots digging into the soil, you can also visualize yourself a stone.


To The ground I am bound
see my roots reaching down
to the weight of the stone
one with earth, flesh and bone

Via The book of Chrystal spells
by Ember Grant


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