mutant-wolf2 asked: Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get an abilities readings from you? Thank you so much! (p.s. I love seeing you on my dash!)

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: Yes!! ❤ Thanks!!!

-Tarot is your strong point right now, but I would suggest looking at Oracle, especially Native American, or other cultural oracle deck (stay away from fairy decks)

-Rune Casting

-Automatic Writing


-Shielding (I see this as being your strongest gift)

-Crystal work

You need to connect more with the Earth element in order to tap into your gifts.


mutant-wolf2:  “stay away from fairy decks” – Ha! I actually bought the Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud a few weeks ago and I have no idea why, but I do know that I hate it and have yet to use it. The cards were just way too effing creepy. Maybe I’ll give it away to someone. That just made me laugh.

Oooh! Automatic writing! I have a feeling I would absolutely love it. I used to a write a lot in high school and college.

Glad to see crystals are on there. And I have been curious about runes.

Yeah, in looking more into my faith and spirituality, I have slowly gotten the feeling that I need to explore more of my earth element and not lean wholly on my fire element.

Thank you for this, Jessica! I’m really excited to learn more about what I can do!


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