Anonymous asked: do you choose a “path” or does it kind of just happen?

windvexer answered: A bit of both I think.

I believe witchcraft is a path of spiritual evolution. It’s not primarily about doing, but about discovering.

So if you spend time discovering yourself and being true to who you are, part of your path is laid out before you.

Natural talent also comes in to play. Not every witch can have every ability. It’s not like a pokemon game where you can pick and choose your starter powers. Some things you have and some things you don’t. Sometimes we have gifts that we don’t want (think about all the people who can see spirits but would really rather not). If I have 0 ability for communicating with plants, chances are I will never be a master of herbal magic. Sure, I could spend lots of time studying it, but I think there is a point when you have to ask yourself if you will abandon your natural abilities to focus on something not meant for you.

But magic isn’t all about looking to the past and finding out what is already imprinted on you. You can choose to expand yourself and discover new things. Regardless of the hand you were dealt you always have the final say in what to do with it.


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