The Jar of Fucks


I’m not much of one for spell jars, but this is one of my favorite one, and its one of my own devising. The “fuck jar” comes from the saying “I’d give a fuck if I had one”. Essentially, it allows you to take that fuck you’d otherwise give, and leave it at home where you can’t give it anymore. This is for when you’re stressed out, worn down, or broken hearted.

You need:

  • a jar with a sealing lid
  • Colored stones in elemental colors (I used glass beads in yellow, blue, green, and red, but if you have different associations, use those)
  • Smallish scraps of paper
  • A pen

Fill the jar with the the stones or beads. Write on the piece of paper the name of the person or thing that you’ve been obsessing over. Fold it up if you need, and then bury it in the stones in the jar. Envision the scrap of paper burning, being buried, being washed away and dissolved, being blown away piece by piece. Then seal the jar tight so it can’t escape.

And there you have it: A fuck jar, to hold all the fucks you no longer wish to give!


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