Windvexer’s Animist Reset Ritual


Hello all ♥ This is a ritual which works very well for me.

  • It is done mentally, and has no ingredients or tools.
  • This ritual is appropriate for everyone, including beginners. I consider it to be very safe if the entities you invoke are friendly. The ones I use in the ritual are.
  • It may be adapted for any path or Pantheon
  • It can be done very quickly. I provide a summary at the end.

This ritual is cleansing, healing, and purifying. It can be protective if you wish. The goal is to “reset” yourself, and clear away any physical or mental garbage that has collected within you or around you. Then, the powers are requested to provide healing, or their healing energies are merely soaked up. You can modify this ritual to suit your practices.

1. Go to your special inner space

If you don’t work with a special inner place, just close your eyes and imagine a nice door (maybe a hobbit or elven door!) that will take you to an area where mental magic can be worked. When you are done, simply imagine the door reappearing, then walk through it and tightly close it.

Working with inner spaces often happens on the platform of imagination – that is, you imagine all this to be true. You may be surprised to find, however, that things begin behaving of their own accord and you do not have full control until you leave the area.

2. Call upon the Earth and Sky

The Earth is grounding, nurturing, and protective. The Sky is expansive, imaginative, and open. If you like you can view them as two opposites to a whole, both sides of which (receptive/projecting, contained/expansive, reality/imagination) are necessary for a person to be balanced.

In your inner space, mentally call for the Earth and Sky to be with you. Try calling one before the other and note the differences between them.

You are the liminal space between Earth and Sky. You are what connects them, and through you their powers pass and intermingle.

If you are an elemental type of person, through the Earth comes the elements of Earth and Water, and through the Sky comes Air and Fire, and you are the Spirit that combines them.

The Earth and Sky have the power to totally balance you and refresh your energies. When they are intermingled, no destructive or harmful force can stay, and you are refreshed and refilled with raw creative energy.

Ask the Earth and Sky to balance you and strip away all that hinders you or harms you. Or, simply be aware that this is happening – whichever suits you more.

If you are unused to working with inner spaces, be aware that things will happen on their own. Whenever I call on the Earth and Sky to balance me, I find I am lifted in to the air sort of like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast when he turns back in to the prince. Whatever happens, just go with it – unless it feels wrong or scary. Then summon your door and get the heck out.

3. Call upon the Sun and Moon

As you are refreshed and ‘reset’ by the Earth and Sky, call for the Sun and Moon.

Imagine the revitalizing energy of the Sun Pouring down upon you. The Sun has many powers, and you can request whichever ones you need. Ask the Sun to burn away any fog of depression or exhaustion, or make your physical body strong and vital like an ox. You could ask to be “brighter” as a person or to gain physical energy and stamina, or for energetic blockages to be burned away. Again, if you do not wish to request assistance, merely imagine these energies being absorbed by you at your discretion.

Imagine the gentle and soft glow of the Moon reflecting down on you. Like the Sun, the Moon has many powers. Try asking for your Psychic senses to be cleared and refreshed, for any “lunacy” to be removed – such as an end to anxieties, mental issues, etc. You could ask for your ‘odic force’, mana, or witch’s power to be recharged and refreshed. instead of asking the Sun to burn away energetic blockages, you could ask the Moon to gently dissolve them or erase them.

4. Call upon anything else

Suppose you find your identity mirrored in the Rose plant. Call the spirit of Rose to be with you and ask to be reminded of who you are and help being true to yourself. If you are big in to astrology you could call on your Sun constellation like Gemini or Scorpio, and request to be filled with their good aspects and have the negative aspects be bound from you. Or call on other Planets for their powers.

It is highly important that you only call on entities that play nice with each other. If you are invoking entities in a pantheon, make sure they are friendly. Otherwise send them away before their enemies arrive.

5. Relax in the powerful energies that you have called to you

I like all forces to be upon me at once – the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sky. I can feel their effects combining and washing over me. When I am done, I thank the entities for their help and dismiss them (“thank you for your time, freely go as you freely came”) and exit through my door.


  1. Go to a mental space
  2. Call the Earth and Sky to energetically, mentally, and emotionally balance you
  3. Call the Sun and Moon to heal and recharge you
  4. Call any other entities you want to help you
  5. Enjoy, dismiss the entities, then leave.

Tho’s Notes

► I call upon the Sun to burn away depression but the Moon to handle anxiety – this makes sense to me, and works for me. But if you think the celestial bodies have other powers or ailments should be handled other ways, do it your way instead.

► If you prefer, call one power or set of powers at a time and then send them away. They do not all need to be there at once.

► Although this takes place within the powerful cauldron of your imagination, it is not “all in your head”. What you do here has real effects. You are invoking real entities – you may spontaneously wish to promise them gifts or servitude. I recommend you do not. Just be thankful and polite.

► The doorway you go through is to an Inner Temple, where you have control. You invite real beings to be inside of this Temple with you. Do not, under any circumstances, let an entity out of this room no matter how kind they are or what they promise you. When you leave, always latch the door and lock it if you desire.

► This ritual can be done daily and in a small amount of time.

► If you desire protection, ask each force to grant you their own type of protection like shields stacking on top of each other.


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