My Advice To New Witches


  1. Never let anyone tell you what’s right or wrong about magic. Do your thing. If it feels right, it probably is right for you. With the singular exception that you should always pay attention to safety features.
  2. Gonna need an exotic ingredient for that spell? You really don’t. True, some herbs/materials are really awesome, but there are substitutes. I recommend researching them near the beginning of your journey.
  3. Give it time. You aren’t going to be able to see spirits after a day of practicing. Don’t feel stressed if something doesn’t come easy for you. Just keep going.
  4. You will find out that you are excellent at some aspects of magic, and terrible at others. This is normal; it does not make you less of a witch to be bad at protection spells but great at curses.
  5. Up at the top of everyone’s motives for being a witch are three things usually: power, love, success. My advice on these things is don’t strive to heavily towards power because it comes easier if you don’t force it. Don’t try to magic up love because it’s tricky and kinda creepy at times and you’ll end up wishing you hadn’t one way or another 90% of the time. Success can’t be rushed; instead of trying a big money spell or something, try for smaller successes that pave the way to larger victories. A good foundation is crucial.
  6. Never let yourself fall into the trap of trusting everything a mentor says. There are good teachers and bad teachers, but even the best can be wrong. Trust, but verify. That’s the key to good learning.
  7. Gonna talk to the spirits? Have an offering on hand, but keep a “sword” or banishing talisman near it just in case. Hey, it might be paranoid, but a little prevention is better than scrambling for a cure later.
  8. Let yourself relax. Magic is funny; the more you try to force it, the more it forces you. Just concentrate on your goal, focus on how you want it, perform your spell, and know it will work. The more calm and collected you are (unless you’re drawing on emotions for power), the better.
  9. You will most likely change your mind. Many times. The paradigm you start with may not be the one you finish with, and that’s okay. Again, what feels right is what’s right for you.
  10. Down here on earth, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, including witches. So you started with Silver Ravenwolf? So what? What’s important is that you keep learning. If you’re moving forward, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your past.

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