Anonymous asked: How do you use pendulums? Also what are Faeries and how do they work.

liberumbrarum answered: Pendulums are very easy to use. They are my favorite form of divination.

Hold the chain of the pendulum in your dominant hand, so that it can swing freely. Keep your hand as still as possible. Some people say there are specific ways you have to hold the pendulum, but really it depends on the length of the chain/cord and what feels comfortable for you. I often wrap my chain clockwise (towards the back of my hand) around my middle finger, and hold it down with my thumb for stability, but that’s just what is comfortable for me.

You have to ground the pendulum before you can use it. Some people just put all their will into the pendulum to get it to be still. You can speak out loud to the pendulum or in your mind. I learned to ground the pendulum by putting my off-hand palm up under the point (without touching it- you should only be touching the chain/cord) to dissipate the energy and get it to stop swinging.

Once it is still, you have to ask it a yes or no question you know the answer to, to establish what the “yes” and “no” swings are for that specific pendulum and you. It varies between users and pendulums. These swings can be clockwise or counterclockwise circles, back and forth, left and right, even in diagonals. You can even just ask “What is my yes?” and “What is my no?” and this works as well.

Once you know the responses of the pendulum to your energy, you can ask it yes or no questions. Be sure to ground it/make it still between questions or it will get muddled. You can also get special mats to swing the pendulum over in order to give you more answers. I have a couple, and I’ll post some pictures later.

That’s basically it for pendulums, but as for Faeries, they’re basically just little earth spirits. Spells exist to call them to you, and supposedly they can help you with spells and rituals if they trust you.

Hope this helps you~


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