Anonymous asked: I’ve always wanted to go to a different plane or world, and i just found out it’s possible to explore the spirit world! do you have any idea how to do that?

windvexer answered: Yes!!

Okay though, let me have some wine and listen to this.

1. YOU CAN TRAVEL BASICALLY ANYWHERE. Even fictional places, oh my god YES YOU CAN. Because they exist in modern lore, and lore is lore, and you can fucking visit the collective understanding of a place. YOU CAN GO TO HOGWARTS. You can go to the bathhouse from Spirited Away. Hell yeah. You can travel to Kanto with your thoughtform Vaporeon yes. You can also travel to inner places, which is easy and a good place to start. But to answer your question hells yeah you can go to a spirit works except

2. SORRY BUT IT COULD BE DANGEROUS. Like I can travel to Akron Ohio, and that is cool, but maybe there are some rednecks or hipsters there that might beat me up. So it is really important for me to RESEARCH Akron and see what kind of culture they have there, and how to be respectful to residents, and the bad neighborhoods we should not go to. (Akron Ohio is a metaphor for the spirit world or any other planes of existence you go to)

3. Forget about out of body experiences. I mean, it is cool if you can do it and I bet it is amazing, but you do not need to have an OBE to Travel. Traveling to other planes can be experienced as in a daydream, in a trance state, or in a sleep-dream. Maybe there are other ways I dunno.

4. Drugs are not necessary. Taking drugs is a valid way to experience Travel and other states consciousness but don’t waste your acid on this just yet.

5. You need practice. YES YOU DO. If you want to Travel during dream-time, you need to practice being able to remember your dreams. Look up techniques to help remember and journal your dreams. You need to understand what your normal dreams feel like so you can understand when things get ‘different’. If you want to travel during a conscious state, you need to practice meditation, relaxation, focus, etc., so you can release your outer reality and ascend (or descend) to a different plane. I can Travel very quickly, but it will be hard for me to interact with that world unless I’ve taken some time to relax and ready myself for the experience.

6. Anyone will tell you that I am big on energy work. Energy work will help while you travel because this will help you be safe and maintain control in the places yougo. Plus, if your energy body is all weak and floppy it will be tough to control in the Astral.

Also, practicing energy work is imo a great prelude to Traveling.

7. Get thee some protection! Wear a simple protective amulet (this is my favorite: Cross Protection) while you Travel or practice Traveling. Even when you go to Inner Planes, things can hurt you – none of us are free from inner fears or demons.

8. When you are ready, relax and create a door. This is a very special door that appears only when you call it. Maybe it looks like the place you are going, or maybe it is a plain door. Only you may open this door, it is impossible that anyone else can open it. Speak out loud or with your mental voice: “I want to go to [place].” Open the door and step through it. Close it behind you. Look around you and observe what you see. Don’t force anything – just let it come and see what takes place in your mind. Explore, be polite, and avoid trouble. When you are ready to leave, call the door back to you. It will appear wherever you desire. Open it and walk through. You will go back to wherever you started – for me it’s just an empty black space, and from there I ‘wake up’ (mentally return to physical reality). ENSURE you close the door and it is locked.

9. Try this doorway command to gain experience: “I want to go to an Inner Space where I can create and control my own world”. From this place, create astral armor or clothing to prepare you for outer spaces.

10. Traveling can be extremely vivid and realistic, but at the beginning you may question whether or not you are just playing around in your imagination. Rest assured that as long as you summon the Door and go through it, you are Traveling – you just need experience to be able to fully experience it. Imagine that you are a ghost trying to reach these worlds – you can phase in, but it takes practice to fully manifest there.


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