I Prefer Matches Rather Than Lighters.

There’s just something about watching that little flame burst into life, and hearing the tiny roar of I’m alive! come with it.

I love putting the match up to the candle and hoping the flame will jump onto the wick.

And of course, there’s always the possibility that the match won’t light. No matter what tricks you use.

And there’s the possibility that the candle won’t light, either.

We have made it easier to strike a match and build a fire, but isn’t it up to the flame whether or not it wants to exists today? Or help us out? Or maybe it knows that now is not the right time for a candle to be lit.

Even when I was younger I was never fond of lighters.  Yes, I would play with them because poof!Fire! And then just as easily it was gone. But I always felt a little strange using them to light candles.

I feel like I’m forcing the flame to show up, because I want to use it for my will.  I want to light the candle because I’m using it.

It may be just the fire witch in me giving my two cents, but sometimes they don’t want to be lit. So why force it?


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