How To Dispose of Spellwork Remnants

belladonnaswitchblog: What you do with the remains of your spell (wax, photos, ashes, etc.) is just as important as the spell itself. The spellwork does not end when the candles and the incense extinguish. The spellwork is not complete until you return the remnants back to the Earth. The Earth and the universal energy carry and propel your magick and your spellwork to its full completion. Make sure your disposal method does not contradict your desired outcome by completing your spellwork following the disposal methods outlined below:

– Burying in your Backyard –
To maintain a desired circumstance, finances, a person, or a possession in your life.

  • Marriage
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Harmonious relationships

– Burying in your Front Yard –
To welcome something new into your life.

  • Attract new love
  • New career/life path spells
  • Attract a new experience, such as travel
  • Health
  • Marriage proposal

– Burying in the Cemetery –
To curse or harm a person, or to end undesirable circumstance or habits in your life.
Leave a few coins, pieces of candy and/or an apple at the cemetery gate as you leave. Take a different route home. Do not look back as you leave.

  • Curses
  • Banishments

– Burying in a Target’s Yard –
To curse, bless, or to influence a specific person or family.

  • Curse the target
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Influence/manipulation spells

– Burying at a Business Property –
To curse, bless, or to influence a specific business or an employee of the business.

  • Curse the business or employee of the business
  • Protection
  • Influence/manipulation spells
  • Prosperity

– Releasing Into Running Bodies of Water –
To release negative circumstances or emotions. To deliver a curse or influence a person in a distant or unknown location.

  • Curses
  • Banishments
  • Spells to release emotional pain
  • Love
  • Influence/manipulation spells

– Leaving On Active Railroad Tracks –
To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse or influence a person in the direction of the running train.
If cursing, take a different route home, do not look back. Avoid the train and railroad tracks for at least 3 nights.

  • Curses
  • Banishments
  • Spells to release emotional pain
  • Love
  • Influence/manipulation spells

– Leaving On Abandoned Railroad Tracks –
To separate yourself or other people from each other or a situation.

  • Banishments
  • Break-up spells

– Leaving at an Intersection –
To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse, or influence a person in an unknown location.

  • Curses
  • Banishments
  • Release emotional pain
  • Love
  • Influence/manipulation spells

– Leaving on a Road in the Lane of the Direction of Your Target –
To deliver a curse or influence a person in the direction of  the traffic lane.

  • Curses
  • Influence/manipulation spells
  • Love spells on a specific person

– Leaving at a Target’s Front Door/Driveway –
The most direct way to curse or to influence. Remnants must be inconspicuous and discreet, such as ashes mixed with dirt.
If cursing, take a different route home and do not look back.

  • Curses
  • Love
  • Influence/manipulation spells
  • Protection

– Blowing/Throwing Ashes –
(only when you only have ashes, without any wax)
General all-purpose release of spellwork energy into the universe.

  • Blow in the direction of the target to curse or influence
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Healing

– Throwing Into A Fire –
To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse or influence a person in an unknown location.
If cursing, it is recommended the fire is not on your property grounds.

  • Curses
  • Banishments
  • Spells to release emotional pain

– Notes:

  • *Banishment spells refer to any spellwork where the desired goal is to remove or end undesirable conditions, circumstances, people, or habits. 
  • *After performing a curse, it is best to completely disconnect from your magickal working. Not because of karma or anything external, but because you cannot thrive while being attached to the energy of destruction. You can do this by not looking back when you walk away. By walking away without looking back, you consciously (and physically) disconnect and move on with your life. 


chthoniclullabyFrom an ecological standpoint, I do not like burying anything in the ground or tossing anything in water. Yes, it’s traditional. But is it good for the earth? Unless it’s natural and biodegradable, like food or paper or what-have-you, I personally no longer do this even though this is the way I was taught.

breelandwalker: The biodegradable part is VERY important. If you’re going to bury a curse jar, I suggest doing so in a planter pot. That way it’s easier to dig up if you need to as well.

Healing Spells



  • Candle
  • Oil

What to do:

  • Anoint the candle
  • While doing this visualize the healing happening
  • Light the candle, let it like that till the end of the candle


  • Paper, pencil
  • Candle

What to do:

  • Draw the disease
  • Burn it
  • As you burn imagine that disease going away
  • Draw the area of the disease completely healed
  • Burn it
  • As you burn it, imagine the area completely healed, feel thankful for that


  • Doll
  • Or tissue to mold into a doll (inside the doll can go cotton or herbs)
  • Needle or or other object that can serve as a needle

What to do

  • In the area of the disease, pinch the needles and feel the energy of the sickness being destroyed. Being transformed.


  • Waning moon
  • Black Candle

What to do:

  • Rub the candle visualizing the disease you want to get rid of (you can use oil to do that)
  • Light the candle, let it burn till the end


  • Waxing moon
  • Water
  • Jar/ Glass that you can close

What to do:

  • Put the water into the glass or jar
  • Let it to catch the moon light
  • Drink it visualizing your body getting stronger, and you getting healthier


  • Get a photo of your friend
  • You can draw your friend if you want
  • Candle
  • Crystals (the ones you feel that is right)
  • Incense

What to do:

  • Put the photo or drawing of your friend in the center
  • Light the candle
  • Have the incense and crystals around
  • Relax, breath, feel the calmness
  • Feel your crystals connecting to your energy, your energy is raising
  • Now look to the candle and feel the strength building up
  • Look at the photo of your friend and imagine a blue light covering him or the area of his disease
  • Imagine it been healed
  • Focus on the good moments you both had and will have again

Incenses that can be used: myrrh, sandalwood, lavender

Crystals that can be used: amazonite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, blue quartz; or any other you feel is appropriated

Herbs (you can put them around the candles while it’s burning): cinnamon, mugwort, basil

Oils to anoint: myrrh, balsam, lavender

Moon: waxing to get healthier; waning to get rid of something

Candle color: blue, white, green (to get healthier), black (to get rid of)

April 30th, 2015

When I visualized the scenery for beginning my meditation tonight, I felt two points of pressure on my right forearm, about 4-6 inches apart. The pressure almost encircled my arm and I could feel that whatever was making it was heavy.

I asked Hawk if he knew anything about the sensation and he smiled. Then he told me to hold my arm out, like I do when he sits on my left arm, and close my eyes.

I did and I felt the weight come back, but it felt like a phantom weight; there but not there. When I turned to look I saw a Golden Eagle resting on my arm.

Big, solid, and gorgeous brown and light brown feathers. It held its head high, proud (as it should be).

“Oooohhh,” I said quietly. I didn’t want to disrespect it but I was quite in awe of it.

“Your new guide,” Hawk said.

As best I could I kneeled on the ground and bowed my head, thanking it for choosing me. But it just stood there and slowly disappeared until it and the phantom weight was gone.

I looked at Hawk, confused. He said while the Golden Eagle will be your new guide, it’s not time yet. He kept smiling. “And if you learn from him, he may be a permanent sight.“

“What do I have to do to keep him?”


“Learn… Be studious in my path?”

Hawk nodded.

“Are you okay sharing me with him?”

He will gladly share me with the Eagle, as he himself is proud and having two proud birds such as they to be by my side… He couldn’t be happier.

He’s reveling in the progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time.

I let Hawk go and then said my goodbyes to Artemis, asking her if I still had to “keep my head down.” She said no, kissed my forehead, but just be careful.

“Take Me Somewhere New” Spell


This spell is designed to encourage a fresh start and positive change.

Before commencing this spell, it is wise to “clear out” all the clutter in your life. This involves cleaning and cleansing of the home, as well as focusing on detoxing your body and focusing on your personal health.

This spell is best performed in the weeks leading up to the new moon, but it is not necessary.

Items needed:
– Lotus flower tealight candle holder or floating lotus candles (the cheaper the better, as this is going to be “sent off”
– An egg
– Dirt or potting mix
– Seed (It can be any seed of your choosing)

Take the egg in your hand. Focus on the events that have lead up to this moment. Visualise these memories turning to dust. Turn your focus on your intent on creating a fresh start for yourself. Concentrate on your future goals.

When ready crack the egg in two, and clean out the yolk and membrane. Create a small hole in the bottom of the egg.

Place the egg carefully inside the lotus candle holder. We are using a lotus flower (and the egg) as a representation and a symbol for new beginnings. You may need to keep it steady with a big of tac or moss to keep it upright.
Fill the egg slowly with the dirt. Follow the seeds instructions, and place the seed inside the dirt. You may wish to chant, but it is important that your keep your mind focused on your future goals at this point.

Once a day, give your seedling a sprinkling of water, with your intentions focusing back on your goals.

If your seedling sprouted by the night of the new moon (it doesn’t matter if it hasn’t, you can wait until the new moon if you wish or do this whenever your seed has sprouted), take your lotus flower with the egg and sprouted seedling to a river or running stream.
Place your lotus on the water and watch it float away.

The spell is done.

To cleanse your home of stagnant energies


follow these steps:

1. Open your house/ all windows and doors.

2. Throw out all garbage

3. Wash all reflective surfaces

4. Vacuum and sweep, then collect all the dirt and dust and tore it away out side of the home. Then dust

5. (For this step you can use sage or rosemary) burn some sage and walk along the inside of your home and all portals (mirror/ doors/ tv/ phone/ crystals/ fish tanks) and chant : space be cleansed, all stagnant energy a be gone.

6. Mix salt and water then using a few springs of rosemary (or your fingers) you need to to sprinkle the mix on window seals / door jams.

7. Close all windows and doors

8. Go around the outside if your home and burn the sage or rosemary. Then repeat step 5.

9. Now that your home has been cleansed you should put up a word to promote protection. I suggest tying lavender and rosemary together with some red thread or floss. Then you should hang it in your home.

10. (Optional ) you can move 20 items in your home for zen

Some Friendship magic


Crystals for friendship:

Pink tourmaline
Blue lace agate
Lapis lazuli
Rose quartz
Smith stone

Draw Friendship to me charm
Make on a Friday or Sunday.

Pink pouch
Rose quartz
Lodestone (or magnet)
Blue lace agate

Then place all ingredients in pouch then hold pouch in your dominant hand and concentrate on friendship coming to you. Keep charm on your Person until you believe it has done it’s magic.

** you don’t need all ingredients , feel free to substitute if needed.

Ideas for where to place amulets and sigils for protection


  • Doors, door handles, the top of door frames etc. Most effective with guardians and the like.
  • Hung or tied on gates. Make a warning sign with a sigil or knot magic with ribbons.
  • Any entrances or exits, including ventilation, drains, holes of any kinds etc.
  • On window sills. These will catch light – make use of this!
  • Under lamps and on lampshades.
  • On shelves and hearths.
  • In pockets, in wallets, sewn onto clothing. If they are close to you, they will absorb body heat, many in witchcraft charge stones and the like with their own energy, so be wary of this if you have little energy yourself.
  • On animal collars! As they travel about, they carry protection.
  • On top of the loo, the sink or tied to the tap or on the shower-head. Be aware that the bathroom is not the cleanest of places and that water can do some damage to things like metals and stones.
  • Medicine cabinets and cupboards, protecting your medication and food is wise idea, it might be best to avoid strong smells with herbs and spices as this can be absorbed by some food.
  • The four legs or posts of a bed, I hang charm-bags alternating between sweet smells to help sleep and strong smells to ward things away. Half the battle of warding is feeling secure yourself!
  • Under your pillow or sewn into a blanket; a blanket or duvet can be a ward itself – as everyone knows, you pull your blanket over yourself as protection as a kid, we use blankets to shield from the cold and the feeling of a blanket weight’s makes you feel secure!
  • Your computer monitor or laptop, place something on it while it is off.
  • Bookmarks and bookends can acts as wards, especially in stories that can affect you psychologically  it is a good idea to ensure that scenes and images won’t haunt you in your thoughts and dreams.