Darlings! Here I’ve brought together some information for those just beginning their path. Though I provide this as a Wiccan, many of the basic principles, ideas and resources are just as applicable to Witches and Pagans of other descriptions. Just follow the links >w<

Pages on general topics

A glossary of common terms
My spell collection
Books for beginners
An overview of Wicca

Information about specific topics

Information about Chakra and energy
Information about Tarot reading
Information about Herbs
Information about Candles and their magical properties
Information about Runes and Sigils
Information about the Elements and how they apply to magic
Information about stones and how they’re used in magic
Information about Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals
Information about astral projection
Information about Gods and Goddesses
Information about Familiars


Anxiety relief spells
Healing spells
Hex Breaking spells
Confidence spells
Protection spells

Other useful bits and pieces

Altar set up, maintenance and layout
A few notes to assist with spells
Some thoughts on gathering magical ‘power’

There we are my dears. I hope these help you navigate your respective paths a little easier. As ever, you’re welcome into our inbox if you have further questions, comments, or just want to say hi. Magpie and I are, as the blog’s name implies, a very friendly, welcoming pair.
Good luck and blessed be.


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