IV – The Emperor

(4) IV - The Emperor

The Father

Domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes not wanted, but in some cases is it necessary. When hard choices must be made it’s important to maintain your concentration and focus; forge ahead and do what you know is best.

Masculine Authority, Structure, Solidity

Earthly power is achieved through force of will, including war if necessary. Sometimes you need to put aside reflection and sympathy and simply act. Know that your strength will be the solid ground that others will come to rely on but do not become a victim of hubris.

Excessive Control, Domination, Inflexibility

He suggest that there is an over-use and abuse of authoritative power surrounding you at this time. Those around you may be overstepping the mark and operating in your territory. He can be incredibly domineering and rigid in his thinking, and it could be originating from you or from another person.


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