Anonymous asked: Do you have any information on how you can still perform spells that require vocalization if you are mute/cant speak?

piskykyle answered: I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, I wanted to put a lot more time into answering this and I needed to wait until I had the energy to do so. But anyway.

This is such a great question. It’s rare anyone mentions disability in witches, and it’s something we as a community definitely need to start thinking about. Luckily, ways to practice witchcraft are endless, and so regardless of what you can or can’t do physically/mentally, you can always find a way to practice witchcraft, and it is just as powerful and effective as any other methods.

Taking mutism into account specifically, there are a gajaillion and one alternatives to speaking.

Hand magick

  • This is simply motions with your hands. A good thing to look at to get inspiration is to look at how hand gestures are used throughout the world. I highly recommend researching mudras, from Hindu culture. Mudras are symbolic gestures (often of the hands) that have certain meaning. They are often used in dance, where the mudras together actually tell a story without the dancer having to utter a single word. It’s great inspiration for thinking about how you can create your own gestures with their own meanings to use in your craft~ And speaking of dance…


  • Whenever you search up witchcraft one of the very first images you may see is a bunch of witches dancing together, often around some kind of fire. Dancing is a very important component in many rituals, and is great in a group setting, as well as a solitude one. People often use dance as a method to induce trance. You don’t have to be a good dancer (god knows i’m not). What matters is that you move, and use your movement to raise energy, and accomplish your goal. You can dance to anything, from modern music that conveys what you’re trying to put out, or something simple and trance like, such as a drum beat. Which brings me to my next point.


  • If you’re more musically inclined (or not!) then instrumental magick is something to look into. There aren’t a whole lot of resources on this, so you’ll have to get creative with how you incorporate it, but whether you can pull off a mean guitar solo, or blow a few notes on a kazoo, instruments are good ways to express noise, and create rhythm and energy without needing to use the voice to do so.


  • To tell you the truth, I prefer writing over speaking myself. Speaking’s nice and all, but for some reason it doesn’t solidify my magick as well as writing does. Maybe it’s the fact that I can take what’s in my mind and make it physical with pen and paper. Like I’m holding the physical form of my spell in my hands, and doing with it what I please. Whatever the reason, writing works wonders, and you can do anything to the written copy that you like. Burning, burying, soaking, ripping, posting on a wall, etc. I love me some written spells.


  • Okay, poppets are fucking bomb. You can do anything with those fuckers. These are especially good for things involving specific people. Instead of speaking, you perform actions that correspond with the energy you’re trying to manifest. Whether your intentions are nice or not so nice, instead of muttering something under your breath as they walk by, just craft one of these little dudes, and fill it with herbs of luck and happiness and joy. (Or beat it against a wall and set it on fire. Don’t need a voice to punch a motherfucker, after all.)


  • Energy magick is my forte. And it’s also the most easily accessible form of magick you’ll find. You can be deaf, blind, mute, and paralyzed from the neck down and still be a master at witchcraft with this stuff. Everyone has energy. Everyone can use it. I’ve done entire spells without moving a single muscle. Energy magick and energy work has a gajillion and one methods, and it is probably one of the most personal and individual forms of magick there are, so I couldn’t truly summarize it to you, but simply googling “energy work” will yield some good results, and can get you started.


  • This one might seem a little weird but…you can create energy by utilizing the opposite of sound. How? Well it depends on how you incorporate it, but when combined with certain actions or sounds, silence (or stillness as well) can have an affect all on its own. Have you ever watched a movie where a very dramatic scene was taking place? You’re on the edge of your seat. There is chaos happening, and you don’t know if the character is going to survive, or maybe you aren’t sure what they’ll find, or discover, etc. etc. And then they see something, or someone says or does something, and silence hits. Complete silence. The music cuts out, the background noise stops, and everything is still. It’s totally void of any sound whatsoever for a couple seconds. Trying to make the audience feel something. And it does. Combined with other actions, silence and stillness can make you feel scared, relieved, at peace, heartbroken. You would not be feeling the way you were if there wasn’t…nothing. Silence can be heavy. It can be thick. It can be chalk full of emotion. Admittedly, I’ve never incorporated silence in my craft in such a way, but i’m sure with a little imagination, it can be done. In any case, it gives you something to think about.

I hope I was able to answer your question alright. There are endless ways magick can be worked, and using a voice is certainly not mandatory, and can be replaced in simple (or intricate if you like it like that) ways. Have fun, and remember you’re just as powerful as any non-disabled person. If someone tries to police witchcraft and make it harder for you, then flip them off cuz they go shut the hell up. Actions are louder than words anyways. 😛


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