5 Ways To Practice Witchcraft With Little Or No Money

  1. Take a walk in the woods. Use all your senses and try to spot plants or animals you might usually miss. Find something small, like an acorn, a leaf, or a rock, and bring it home to put on your altar.
  2. Put your hands in the dirt. Gardening is an easy way to get in touch with our witchy natures. If you can’t have a garden, try planting a few little herbs, or a flowering plant or two inside.
  3. Go out in the rain. As you get wet, feel the water in the droplets connecting you to oceans and faraway continents.
  4. Commune with an animal. Animals connect us to the wild side of life, no matter how tame they may appear. If you don’t have a pet of your own, try going to zoo or a friend’s house.
  5. Send good energy to someone who needs it. Our energy and positive thoughts are powerful things– share them with someone who needs a little boost.

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