Working with Stones


Stones, rocks and minerals are a great source of power, but most of the information available about them is new age nonsense. There is a great deal of evidence in folklore for the use of stones and minerals in magic, here is how I work with them in my own practice.

1. Don’t buy stones if you can help it. Find them. Riverbeds are a good place to start, abandoned quarries, the seaside, mountains. Contact your local rock hunting club for good locations to search. Pick up stones from sacred sites (with permission and common sense, don’t go chipping off chunks of Stonehenge obviously), local spirits will often give you stones by putting them in unexpected places, treasure them and leave something in return.

2. Use them raw. Stones don’t need to be polished to show their beauty, they don’t need to be cut or set in silver. Their raw texture, still dusted with the earth of their birthplace is powerful. If you want smooth stones, use those polished by the sea or the river.

3. Appreciate common stones as well as rare. Common stones are versatile, there’s a lot that can be done with a chunk of white quartz, which is not a hard stone to find. Coal is used in a lot of old spells. Slate is brilliant stuff for drawing sigils on. Chalk is terribly useful, as is red ochre. The geological name of a stone is less important than its shape, colour, features and origins.

4. Inherited stones also have unique powers. Your grandmother’s emerald engagement ring, the stone your great uncle carried in his pocket for good luck. They absorb power and build up a relationship to your family. My best working stone is a chunk of raw amethyst my Grandfather found in the desert which then sat on his mantelpiece for years, watching.

5. Research is not easy. Most books about the magical properties of stones and crystals are rubbish. Throw out anything that mentions atlantis to start with. Instead read folklore, read old grimoires, learn how stones were used by Scottish seers and renaissance astrologers, learn which stones were valued by the native peoples of your area, study the uses of hagstones and various fossils. The lore is out there, it’s just scattered. Check your sources.

6. Minerals are more than just stones and crystals conveniently sized to fit in a pocket or charm bag. They include rocks the size of houses and sand as fine as dust. Dust and dirt is particularly useful as an ingredient in natural magic. Graveyard dust, footprint dust, red sand, white sand, black sand. Become aware of and work with the entire mineral kingdom and you will gain insights and a relationship to the land that goes down to the bedrock.

7. Use stones as tools, not ingredients. While small fragments of minerals and sands can be added to charm bags and the like, most magical stones are tools in the way a wand or a knife is a tool. They aren’t one use wonders. Work with them regularly, keep them close to you. Scry with them, heal with them, speak to them. Develop a working relationship over years and you will be rewarded with a powerful ally.

8. Be aware of correspondences, but not bound by them. Planetary correspondences in particular can be useful in determining the particular virtues of a mineral (one again, check your sources), but working with the stone itself will reveal its powers. Colour symbolism will help, as will folklore, but in the end each stone is an entity with its own strengths, which it will communicate to you if you listen.

9. Precious and semi-precious stones have their virtues too, and I’m not suggesting avoiding them altogether. Just be aware of where they are sourced, how ethically they are obtained, and the fact that their monetary value and exotic beauty does not necessarily make them more useful than the rock from your back garden.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are not chemically a diamond, although they do have a sparkle that is similar to a Diamond.

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally double terminated Quartz crystals and are found in Herkimer, New York, from which they get their name; Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer Diamonds are called “attunement stones” and are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, or new energies. This makes Herkimer Diamonds a natural choice to assist in Reiki attunements and other types of energy work.

Shortcuts for the Minor Arcana

Ace: Upstarts that have all the intention of going the distance for their suit, without realizing the logical conclusion.
Two: Stuck at the starting line because it turns out it’s not a marathon, but a quest-focused RPG that requires backtracking.
Three: Starting new parties, getting new connections, and dealing with the consequences of living with other people.
Four: A good save point before a “boss battle.” However, there’s a tendency to want to stay here.
Five: The “mid-boss.” Things get pretty hairy here. Hope you did some grinding before this.
Six: The inn after the mid-boss. Starting to rest up and deal with the effects. Also a tendency to want to stay here, but you have to move forward.
Seven: Starting to understand that not everything is in your power to control, so you have to make do with what you CAN control. You are allowed to not like the hand you’re dealt, but you have to play it or fold.
Eight: Pressing forward and getting experience, even if it’s not happy experiences.
Nine: Almost there at the finish and a strong need to make sure you’re ready to deal with it. Take time to make sure the circumstances are as you THINK they are.
Ten: You’re done. You either accomplished something or failed on some level. You live. You grow. You begin again. Now what?

Anonymous asked: I haven’t done any spells or rituals in a while, is it wrong to consider myself a witch still?

upthewitchypunx answered: We all go through some dry spells. If you wanna call yourself a witch, call yourself a witch. I’m cool with that and other should be as well. You will know when is time again for your magic fingers! Besides, I’m sure you are still studying, right? By studying, I mean reading posts on tumblr, jotting down things in a notebook or on your phone, watching birds in flight and trees and other growing things in their cycles.

It might be an unpopular witchy opinion but I put just as much value in the study of witchcraft as in the application of witchcraft.

mutant-wolf2 asked: Would you be able to do a general mini mini reading about my job? Thanks so much!

queenofchalices answered:


Success!  But at what cost? (dun dun dunnnnn)

If you’re in line for a promotion or you’re doing super well, or are left in charge ever, or anything like that really, expect some jealousy and hostility about it.  In my experience, workplaces are like being in high school.  Drama, gossip, jealousy.. you can be on top one day and the next you’re wolf bait.  Stay above it all and you’ll be fine and continue to find success.

mutant-wolf2: Ooh! Good advice, thank you!

Cleansing Your Crystals

New crystals will have travelled far and been held by many people each contributing their vibrations to the crystal. These vibrations need to be neutralized thus restoring the crystal to it’s original clarity so that you can impress your own pure intentions upon it.

It is recommended that you carry this out regularly especially if your crystals are used for healing. A crystal with imbalances or energetic static can be detected by a feeling of heaviness or unpleasantness.

INCENSE: Hold the crystal within the smoke of incense while impressing upon it your intention that it only relate to your impressions as its possessor. Herbs such as sage, cedar, sandalwood and frankincense are particularly good for their purifying qualities (this is the most common way to cleanse crystals)

CANDLE: Hold over the heat of a candle in the same manner. Do not place it directly in the flame because extreme heat can change the colour.

VISUALIZATION: Take a deep breath and blow over the crystal. Imagine that you are clearing away all negativity. Repeat until you feel the crystal is cleansed.

SEA SALT: Use dry sea salt in a small container and bury the stone for between 7 – 24 hours. Don’t use salt water as prolonged submergence can damage softer stones.

SUN & WATER: Hold the stones under running water for a minute and then place in the sun to dry. Not recommended for stones susceptible to fading: Aventurine, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz

SOUND: The vibrations of a pure sound can energetically clean a stone. Use either a bell, gong or tuning fork.

CRYSTALS: Amethyst and Citrine geodes or clusters can be used to cleanse crystals. Place your crystals in/on the geode/cluster for approx. 2 hours and they will emerge completely energized. Alternatively, Selenite, Kyanite or Apopphilite have natural cleansing properties. Place some in the centre of your crystals to keep them cleansed between use.

Thoughts on Shadow Work


I think one of the most difficult things about making headway in shadow work is realizing what you have to let go of in order to continue to progress. You start acknowledging the situations you’re shadow has created in your life and everything you need to reevaluate and essentially back away from.

It’s baffling how attached we get to things that aren’t even pleasant or productive— how these things latch onto our egos, becoming integrated with our assumed identities and then dictate our lives in ways even more influential than the “positive” aspects of ourselves. It’s mind-boggling to realize how tightly we clench these things, feeling as though if we let go of them part of ourselves would go, too. And it’s true.

Shadow work is essentially a practice of stripping away our egos one layer at a time— removing all of those defensive layers we’ve built up, dismissing them even after everything we feel they’ve done for us. It’s as if we’re saying goodbye to an old, dear friend who has helped us through so many rough and troubling times, times we wouldn’t have survived without them, but who simultaneously wrecked havoc in our lives.

It’s bittersweet.

Witch’s Guide To Grounding

Grounding serves two basic purposes.

  • It stabilizes your energy
  • It reconnects you with the earth and helps you focus on reality

When you spellcast or practice energy work, you are very likely to end up with either an excess or deficit of personal energy. This is a very uncomfortable state to be in and can include physical symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, nausea, pain, uncomfortable buzzing sensations under your skin, exhaustion, and more.

When you experiment with astral travel, journeying, or dreamwork, you may find yourself in the equally uncomfortable state of not being 100% connected to reality or “present” in this world.

Grounding takes care of both of these issues.

Ideally, you should learn how to ground before you attempt any other energy work or spellwork. Let me assure you that it is totally uncool to start messing with your energy levels without a way to balance out. Grounding is not an optional skill for a witch who wants to stay healthy, safe, and sane.

There are many grounding guides available online. If this technique doesn’t work for you, look for other methods.

1 – Grow Roots. Sit quietly outside on some nice soil or grass. Outside is best because it helps you connect to natural energies more, but if you can do it inside, go for it. Like a tree, gently visualize a long and sturdy taproot growing out of your spine and burrowing deep in to the earth.

Gently visualize. No need to hurt yourself.

My friend gets intense physical pain when she tries this – if you can’t get spinal growth, try sprouting roots out of your feet instead.

This process may actually take a little while. Do your best for as long as you can maintain focus, then return the next day and continue.

2 – Configure your roots to move energy. Your root will both bring up and send down energy. If you prefer, have a Y root with one side sending down and one side bringing up. Sitting down, breathe in for 4 counts. As you breathe in, imagine the rich and pure energy of the earth rushing up to replenish your energy. Breathe out for 4 counts, and imagine excess and unwanted energy flowing down to the earth where she can use it for her own purposes.

Meditate on this for some time, training your astral roots, until they work automatically every time you breathe.

3 – Test the system. Several times a day or as often as you remember, check in with your astral roots to see if they are still working. Look in to it in different environments, such as in buildings, cars, or nature. Your roots are permanent unless you dismantle them.

Once you are satisfied the roots are working on their own, attempt some other form of energy work. Watch your roots carefully afterwords and determine if they are dong their job to rebalance you. When acute grounding is needed, breathe in counts of 4 and use extra visualization to move the energy.

4 – Upkeep. Once a week/month, check in with your roots and determine they are free of blockages or other issues. This does happen so don’t put upkeep on the back shelf.

Miscellanea: This may be a long process if you are inexperienced in energy work. Don’t be frustrated if it takes a week or two – you are probably doing a better job than people who rush it.

If you don’t really ‘get’ visualization, work on feeling or “knowing” the roots are there and working instead of trying to force an image.

mutant-wolf2 asked: Hi Jessica! How are you? Would you be able to tell me about any of my past lives? I know of a handful of them but I’m always curious about what comes up, what else I can learn of and from them. Thanks so much!

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: I’m not so hot honestly, but it will get better 🙂 I am going to see a doctor today 🙂

I see a war. I am thinking maybe the Mexican-American war. I see you as a nurse. Actually it seems like you are doing jobs that help people throughout most of you past lives. I see you as a doctor in a couple of lives, a mortician in one, a nurse is most of them, I also see you as a teacher of sorts in a couple of them as well.

You are a fairly old soul, so there is a lot of material to work with.

I see you in England as a nurse, I am thinking around York. I see you all over Europe, the Americas, and Northern Africa. Your most recent being in the Americas. I see central America the most.

I think that you should do a self-cleansing soon, all of the information from your past lives are like flying at me and I am having trouble pulling them apart, stuff like this usually just means that you have been really busy and are in need of a rest, it can be either physical or mental business. A cleanse will make you feel better anyway 🙂

(Sorry to answer this on Sunday instead of Saturday, we were slow to answer questions yesterday.)

—Jessica ❤

mutant-wolf2: I do hope you feel better! And thank you for answering my questions while you were sick. I hope I didn’t drain too much energy from you.

Thank you for the information! The other past lives I’m aware of have been mostly quiet lives, except for the time I was medic in World War II, which is probably the life you saw in England as a nurse.

I don’t know if you prescribe to the idea of auras, but my core color is green, the color of healers. So while I’m surprised I’ve been in a few major conflicts, I’m not all that surprised to hear I’ve played my part as some sort of healer.

A cleanse sounds nice. I’ll look into them.

Thank you again, you and Payton, for providing these readings. I may hit you up for a couple more in the future!

1sticks-and-stones0: I do believe in auras, I could tell yours was green 🙂 YEs, I can see that now, the pieces fit together (WW2 medic) I hope you do come back with more questions in the future 🙂  -J

mutant-wolf2:  =)

tarotofthekittenofblade: I’ll second the green aura, btw.

mutant-wolf2: tbbt smile

pillow hug

I’m a combination of the two gifs right now.

I just… I love talking about all of this. I find it fascinating, reading about these and similar subjects from others’ points of views. I love the fantastic conversations we have. I’ve only got my mentor/friend off the internet to talk to about these subjects, so it’s great that I can have other people, other friends, to go to, to bounce ideas around when I’m by myself.

Thanks for creating a safe place where I can explore and ask questions.

Spell To Help A Plant Grow/Resurrect A Plant

You will need both an incense burner and incense of your choosing as well as a silver coin (such as a dime. The coin in optional but much preferred).

Now this spell is hand written by myself. You will need to go out to the plant. No meditation is needed. All you need to do is touch the plant or area around it. Imagine green light enveloping and nurturing it. Then, chant:

“Make this (Plant Name) grow. Let it thrive. Even through the hardships, let it survive. This is my will and this is my plea. So mote is be.”

When done, either light your incense inside your house near your altar or outside near the plant. (I used frankincense and lit it inside.) when you see plant growth, plant a dime in the general area around the plant as a thank you to the element of Earth. I have both resurrected my cactus and helped grow my mint back with this spell. Do NOT forget to give the plant generous helping of water.