Anonymous asked: How do u think we got on earth?

embrace-your-earth answered: I believe our souls travel here but are not born here. We manifest as a physical being with a physical body which holds our souls light. It is a vessel for our souls expression in this physical plain of existence.

Consciousness shows me the true form of my soul shinning within me. We are just reflections of the rest of the universe. We come to awareness that we are the universe just experiencing itself in human form.

The human race is an evolution created by the universe and we are able to observe and feel connected to what else is out there. Soul connects us all to each other always. Nothing is separate, all bouncing off each other and moving through this space we call time.

It is your souls choice to come to earth and experience this life form. But I don’t believe it is our true origin, at least not mine. I believe I am here to shine my light on others to help change this world back to the beautiful paradise it once was before the human race evolved to believe they are separate from the earth. That humans are the ultimate species.

I believe me and a whole mass of light beings are here to spread the word of nature, connection, compassion, truth and ultimately Love. To bring consciousness back as a whole so we can move forward through existence in this vast Universe πŸ™‚


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