chevko: I am saying it.

I am saying it, here, now.

I want to… forgive.

I want to let go and move on and begin growing again.

I feel slightly caged now because of how much I didn’t want to. (Or is that the sports bra?)

It is time to move on, it has been… what, 8 years now? Something like that. It’s time to forgive and move on.

The pain has dulled substantially for me to want to move on past the grudge I have.

But how do I?

ragabashwitch: Rose quartz will be good for love, and with a focus on self love that can help.

Personally, this sounds like you could try some tarot magic. I would pull out the death card. Sit and meditate on it for awhile. Thinking about letting all the pain die. Think about all the new coming in. For new things to begin something must die.

Then I’d pull out a match. I’d focus all my past regrets, problems, grudges, etc on the tip of that match. If I couldn’t get it all out, I’d carry that match with me… and every time I needed to focus it somewhere, focus on that match tip. Keep doing that till you have everything you need to get rid of in that match.

Then light that motherfucker and let it all burn out of you. Let the match burn itself out. And feel that flame burning it out of you too. Once you get out all that is holding you back, then you can start filling that space with love.

Focus on your heart chakra. You probably have a blockage there, if you’re holding onto regret, grudges, pain, loss, etc. Focus on how much you need to let in and how much you want to give back. To get love, we need to give love. Meditate on your heart. Wear green. Eat green. Surround yourself with healing green light.

These are just some thoughts for moving on spellwork/energy work….


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