Positive Outcomes Only! Tarot Spread by ThirdLibra

inspired by The Hellcats

Ok, so I’m an unashamed lover of anything on tv cheerleader related. So, when I found out poor kaylainfuckingwonderland has been having some issues with her tarot decks being not so positive, I decided to create a spread based on Savannah’s, the Cheer Captian of The Hellcats, mantra “POSITVE OUTCOMES ONLY.” The spread is shaped like a cross, because Savannah is deeply religious =P

Card 1 – The root cause of all the negativity
Card 2 – How to get over it
Card 3 – What is awesome about yourself that you need to remember!
Card 4 – Something awesome you should do for yourself to make you feel better
Card 5 – The positive outcome!
Bonus – Shadow Card – Advice from the lovely Savannah herself. Read this as a one or two word mantra to keep in mind until it all blows over. Write it on your arm in a sharpie!

Note – This is a positive outcomes only spread! If you’re using this with a tarot deck, though, well, there aren’t always “positive” only cards pulled. However, I’m a firm believer that EVERY card has a range – bright to dark. The most devasting cards in any deck will have a range of meanings, so you might have to push yourself to find the positive in it. Even if it’s The Tower and the only positive in it is the destruction of something you need to lose in your life. The positive is there, so dig deep and find it! If you’re using this spread and you pull some card that you have trouble finding the positive in, please feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll be your Savannah and force that positive out!


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