February 17th, 2015

Super fantastic meditation tonight!

As I walked down the tunnel that leads to the alcove (which leads to my meadows) I notice that the light at the end is really bright tonight.  The Pond of the Universe is awake and happy.  Light shines from beneath and reflects off the walls. The ripples on the surface are joyful.  You know that feeling where you just gotta do a little jig because everything is right where it’s supposed to be? Yeah, like that.

I kneel down and say, “I hope I have honored you in a way that pleases you.”

The Universe replies, “Your very existence honors me.”  If it had a face, the Universe would have smiled.

I walk out to my meadows.  It’s not very scenic right now, as my meditation place reflects the seasons, and sometimes the weather, of the physical world. So grey clouds, bare trees, biting wind, snow-laden grass. The wheat are comfortable sleeping the winter away.  Artemis joins me as I walk toward my little meadow.  I turn around and smile at her, and she smiles back but then tells me, more with the tilt of her head than her words, that there is something in front of me.

It’s the Lady of the Cards.  Since I bought the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, I’ve gotten this feeling of a feminine presence whenever I read.  I saw this woman the last time I meditated but only through the trees, I never spoke to her.

She knows I’m coming to meet her and so she watches us approach.  I do a little curtsey (doesn’t hurt to be polite, right?) and say, “M’lady, how are you?”

She smiles with her eyes.  “You are the one who reads the cards.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She reaches out and caresses my cheek. “You read them very well, darling.”

I smile and blush at the compliment. I ask her if there is anything she needs right now, anything I can get for her.

“Is this place always like this?” She looks around the meadow, at the bare trees and gloomy skies.

“No, ma’am.  It’s just winter. Spring will come soon.”

“Ah,” she says.  “Then no. I’ll wait for spring to arrive.”

I get the feeling that the cards will be clearer for me to read when spring does come.  I say goodbye and notice that Artemis and the Lady of the Cards give each other respectful nods.

I finally come to my little meadow with the log, do my usual perimeter walk-around, and sit down.  Hawk is already there, waiting for me.  He comes to my arm and we embrace. Artemis finds a lounge chair and begins to take out her bow and arrow.

“Do you know about the dream I had a few nights ago?” I ask to the both of them.

Artemis nods.  “Oh yes.”

Hawk agrees.

“Would you by any chance be able to help translate what it said?  ‘Those whom I’m descended from honored the moon’? Did I follow you in a past life?”

Artemis smiles.  “Not quite.”

I look at Hawk, confused.

You are of the Moon, he says.

“I am the Moon?”

“No, you are made of the Moon.” She is checking the strength of her string.

I think about that.  “So, I am literally a descendent of the Moon.”

Artemis nods.

That makes sense. I’ve always been attracted to the Moon. I always thought there was a sense of something more with the Moon.

Hawk shows me the nebula from which my soul was born.  I then see the full Moon, only this time there is a ring of light around it.  A line of silver is coming off it and flowing into the part of the nebula where my soul would be born.  Star dust was needed to help create you, but the direct energies and particulates from the Moon are what make up you. (;particulates; isn’t the exact word he used, but it’s something similar)

I think about this.  “I should probably put something up on my bookcase to honor this relation.”

“That would be nice,” Artemis says.

“And the other part of the dream?  Or the part that my mentor could figure out?  I’m going to meet someone of my spirit-family?”

Yes, says Hawk.  Soon.

“How soon? And do you know if it’s someone I already know or a new relationship?”

“Yes and no.” Artemis is now checking the straightness of her arrow.

“Yes and no… It’s someone I’ve already met…” The image of an audio wavelength that oscillates between high and low frequency comes to my mind. “But I haven’t spoken to them in some time…” The knowledge that this person is female is present.  A spirit-sister.


“How soon?”


Give it time.

“So, after the 28th.”

Hawk nods.

That makes sense.  “Cool.  Alright, enough about me. Hawk, how are you?”

Hawk is good.  Things are quiet by him, which he likes.  Relaxing.

I then ask him if he’ll be with me on the 28th.

I’ll be right by your side. He says, puffing out his chest a little.  That comforts me.

“And Artemis?  You’ll be there?”

“Ready to defend you.  Isis, too.”

“Well, don’t do too much damage.  I’ve yet to formally meet Isis.”

Artemis advises me to wait until after the end of the month.  “She’s got a lot on her mind right now.”

Noted. I ask Artemis to give my thanks to Isis as I stand up.  There’s no up-wind so it’s hard for Hawk to really get going on wing.  He’s fine with me setting him down on the log.  I acknowledge the Lady of the Cards as I return home.


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