irtealli asked: Hello! I would like a free reading using Spread 2! Thanks!! 😀

mutant-wolf2 responded: Hi there! I have your reading for you!


Where am I coming from?
Two of Wands – personal power, courage

I get auditory overload when I think about where you’ve come from.  Like hearing voices or noises that didn’t have a source.  But I also feel that you were recently able to learn how to control whatyou hear.  You weren’t able to turn off the background noise completely, but you know how to tune it out. It feels overwhelming.  I think you felt like had to make a choice: go mad because of every little detail you were getting, or pull yourself out and learn to deal with it.  That amount of courage to do that was tremendous, and in doing so, it gave you more confidence. It taught you that you do have the ability to control what information you receive.

Who am I?
King of Swords – strength, wisdom

I feel you draw upon your own strength a lot because not many people have what you have: that ability to feel and hear other people without them saying anything.  That ability, while you have it under control, can be very strong sometimes and break through, and you need to rely on yourself to help pull it back.  You know things you shouldn’t but you are wise enough to know when to let it go.  You are ready to help whenever you can but also know when to hold back.  It’s a fine balance between what your body is telling you and what the Universe is saying.

Where am I going?
Page of Pentacles – trustworthy, practical, lighthearted

You can do great things with your ability, and you will, but it’s not something that will effect many people all at the same time.  It’s your ability, with your knowledge of people in general, that can help individuals.  They come to you because you are a trustworthy person who is in a position/career that can take the time to help them.  They come to you with a problem, or with a desire, and with your ability, you are able to walk them through the steps of discovering what they really want.  You will do this, like the keywords say, in a practical yet lighthearted way.  I see you sitting down, one on one, and getting to the bottom of their troubles or confusions.  Then once they themselves find out the answer to their question, their faces light up.  And that’s what makes it worthwhile: seeing people’s faces light up because they found what they were looking for, and you were able to dig a little deeper for knowledge that they have without asking questions.

In each of the cards, the character is firmly rooted to the ground.  In doing your reading, I too, felt that you are someone who is, literally, down to earth.  Whether or not you know it, you use the earth as a tool to help you stay in the present.


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