Basic Tarot Card Meanings: Minor Arcana – Pentacles

Pentacles – money, industry, material gain, value

Ace of Pentacles
Upright: a new business venture, the beginning of prosperity, beginning of happiness or pleasure
Reversed: possible greed or misery, money may not be everything

Two of Pentacles
Upright: the ability to handle multiple situations, harmony is maintained during change, new projects may be difficult, expect a helpful message
Reversed: difficulty with handing problems, expect a discouraging message

Three of Pentacles
Upright: reward for skills or abilities, approval, success through effort
Reversed: quality in workmanship in neglected, good work is expended due to a preoccupation with money, common place ideals or ambitions

Four of Pentacles
Upright: love of power or money, a lack of give-and-take, miserly or ungenerous nature
Reversed: some earthly possessions may be lost, obstacles or delays in business affairs, a spendthrift

Five of Pentacles
Upright: loneliness, destitution, loss of possessions, poor health, despair due to spiritual impoverishment
Reversed: new employment, revived courage, a new interest

Six of Pentacles
Upright: sharing of prosperity, one will soon receive what is rightfully theirs, charity, gifts, philanthropy, theee-fold
Reversed: bribes, unfairness, prosperity is threatened, jealousy, miserliness

Seven of Pentacles
Upright: effort and hard work will cause growth, a pause during development, reevaluations
Reversed: little progress, impatience, anxiety, investments may be unprofitable

Eight of Pentacles
Upright: learning a trade or profession, employment is coming soon, skill, handiwork, small money gain
Reversed: skills are not be used properly, a dislike of hard work, ambition is void

Nine of Pentacles
Upright: well-being, things in life are enjoyed alone, solitude, a green thumb
Reversed: loss is possible, danger from thieves, caution

Ten of Pentacles
Upright: stable family, gain in wealth, property is acquired
Reversed: family misfortune, caution, mind is dull, slothfulness

Page of Pentacles
Upright: scholar, generosity, kindness, a careful person, learning new ideas/opinions
Reversed: wastefulness, luxury, rebellious, opposing ideas/opinions, bad news

Knight of Pentacles
Upright: trustworthy, a heavy and dull outlook, patience, accepting of responsibilities, an animal lover, a nature lover, the coming/going of a matter
Reversed: irresponsible, impatience, timidness, carelessness, a standstill in affairs

Queen of Pentacles
Upright: intelligence, thoughtfulness, a creative person, talents are used well, melancholy
Reversed: too much dependence, neglected duties, mistrust, suspicion, not a very creative person

King of Pentacles
Upright: a chief of industry or a banker, a reliable person, a married man, solid, steadiness
Reversed: materialistic, slow to anger, “head is on the ground”, bribes


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