February 1st, 2015 (part two)

I finally have a physically copy of the Shadowscapes Tarot deck.  I’ve been drooling over them for years; first because Stephanie Pui-Mun Law painted them, and then secondly because I started reading tarot late last year.

With the companion book in hand, I went through each card.  I looked at the card and studied it.  I read the description in the book and then back to the card.  I found my favorites and some that didn’t really resonate with me.

I held the deck, so happy for it to be mine.  And my first impressions with it, as I’ve yet to read with it, are one of peace and longing, but not the sad kind of longing, more of wishful adventure longing.  Of going out into the world with nothing but a backpack.  I don’t know where I’m headed, but my boots are tied and I’m walking out that front door.  That energetic optimism of heading into the unknown.

I had images of flowers, especially pink roses.  Of gently pushing them away to reveal a garden of green walls, flowers everywhere, soft sunshine.

This is a deck that will not be contained to reading for one person.  This is a deck that is willing to help others find their way.  To point them in the direction that will be most useful. This is a deck that will guide you.

And I can’t wait to learn from it.


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