Since February is the month of love and relationships, more than half of these prompts focus on your relationships with others, while the last week focuses on personal growth and improvement. I know that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d rather have a connecting thread running through all of the questions. I hope you don’t mind!

Unlike the New Year’s Tarot Pledge, which ran for the first 21 days of January, this isn’t an “official” challenge. There won’t be daily banners or prize raffles, and there really aren’t any rules. Feel free to post every day, or whenever you feel like it. Answer whatever prompts you like, and just change or ignore the ones that won’t be of any help to you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest behind. 🙂

The full list of prompts, in order:

  1. What is the theme of my journey this month?
  2. What area of my life needs the most work this month?
  3. What aspect of my life should I leave alone to develop on its own?
  4. What personal dreams and goals should I focus on this month?
  5. What inner qualities do I need to express more?
  6. What obstacles should I be aware of?
  7. How can I overcome these obstacles?
  8. Who do I know that needs my help right now?
  9. How can I inspire others?
  10. How can I play a larger role in my community?
  11. How can I strengthen my friendships?
  12. How can I improve my relationship with my family?
  13. What does my ideal romantic relationship look like?
  14. What are the qualities of my ideal romantic partner?
  15. What strengths do I bring to my relationships? (platonic, romantic, and otherwise?)
  16. What are my weaknesses when it comes to relationships? (platonic, romantic, and otherwise?)
  17. What desires have I been denying?
  18. How can I care for my physical body?
  19. How can I care for my mental self?
  20. How can I connect with my highest spiritual self?
  21. How can I balance my physical, mental, and spiritual needs?
  22. What old pain do I need to let go of?
  23. What opportunities have I been ignoring?
  24. Why have I been lacking confidence?
  25. How can I increase my self-esteem?
  26. What was the most important lesson I learned this month?
  27. How have I improved this month?
  28. What have I accomplished so far?

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