Stitch Protection

Sewing and knot magic is ancient. Carry on the tradition.


  • Fabric item you want to protect (pillow, clothing, hair bands, shoelaces, charm bags)
  • Needle
  • Thread (preferably thick embroidery thread)

The magic is not within the thread, but tied inside the knots. Choose a stitch that forms knots. Try this: French Knot

Do a quick cleanse on the item, needle, and thread.

Choose what you want to protect against. Write a short statement of intent for it. Making it rhyme will probably help quite a bit to keep the rhythm going.

Begin embroidering the item.

At the beginning of each stitch, begin saying your statement. Be aware that your intent is gathering and will be tied inside each knot. If the stitch is finished before the statement is over, finish the whole statement before pulling the knot tight. If the statement is over before the stitch, repeat it until the stitch is complete.

Embroider around the outside of the object, such as around a pillow case or headband.

Embroider a protective sigil of your own design.

Embroider knots at the four corners or ends of an object.

Embroider knots in the shape of a protective symbol, such as the four points of a cross or five points of a pentacle.

Be aware that each stitch connects to the next, creating a powerful network or channel for energy to run through.

Do not create “empty” knots or stitches with no programing. If you do not desire to put your full charm in to certain stitches, imagine that the stitch is cemented closed or runs through with the power of earlier knots.

When you are done, tie off the thread as your normally would. Imagine that the entire thread is now buzzing and humming with energy, and it has formed a complete circuit.

Miscellanea: If you knit or crochet, form powerful fabrics by singing charms in to every stitch.

Practicing your stitches may help a great deal before you start working on the item.


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