mutant-wolf2 asked: Hello there! You mentioned that you wanted to read with a new deck, so I have a question for you. I’m seriously thinking of going back to school for library sciences, a passion I had forgotten about over the years. Do you have any advice? Thank you!

lady-laerwen answered: Hello dear!  Thank you so much for your patience regarding my response!  As requested, I used my new deck for you and shuffled while holding your question in mind.  What follows is what fell out:

S. Rosalia V. (Virginis):  This is your indicator card in the reading.  St. Rosalia was a hermit from twelfth century Italy who lived in a cave and helps against epidemics.  I interpret this as her being able to help you overcome adversity, perhaps weighing whether or not to go back to school.  Because she was a hermit and lived alone, she would often meditate in silence.  Take time for yourself to sit alone and breathe with your eyes closed, meditating upon your desire to go back to school and all that would go along with it.  If you need to or feel called to, reach out to St. Rosalia and call upon her for guidance about your situation.

S. Julia V. M. (Virginis Martyris):  St. Julia is a virgin martyr from fourth century Tunisia.  She advises a time of reflection and also deals with moral strength and psychic energies.  As St. Rosalia recommended above, take some time for yourself to sit and reflect on your decision.  Use your intuition to see which choice would be better for you, and keep your strength.  St. Julia is saying that you have the tenacity and perseverance needed to see your dreams through to fruition, should you choose to follow that path.  Because she kept strong under adversity before her death, she will also give you aid in making choices and keeping strong under pressure.  Call upon her for aid should you need to, or even to help you come to a decision.

S.S. Methodius et Cyrillus Conf. (Confessorum):  St Methodius and St. Cyril are brothers from ninth century Byzantium, otherwise known as the Eastern Roman Empire.  They devised the Cyrillic alphabet and transcribed sacred texts.  Although the traditional interpretation of this card in the deck is dealing with foreign friendships and trade with foreign countries, I take this to mean that this is a good indicator that you should consider going back to school.  They are very closely linked with texts and language after all, including devising a still widely-used alphabet and transcribing and translating sacred literature.  If you have any doubts or questions, definitely call upon these two brothers for aid with what to do.  Take some time to meditate with them and see what advice arises.

I wish you luck in your endeavors, my dear!  I want to disclaim that this is in no way me telling you what to do – that is solely your choice.  However, I hope this gave you some direction in making a decision on your own, and tools to come to that decision, whether you choose to go through with it or not.  Thank you for your patience!



mutant-wolf2: Thank you for this! It definitely gave me some more to think about!


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