January 20th, 2015

Artemis decided to hang out with me during my meditation. That’s cool. And she brought her friend, Isis, as well.

You know. Isis. From the Egyptian pantheon.

I… What? I just started getting used to one goddess and now there’s two?

I even asked Isis why she decided to come to my place. And said something along the lines of liking me just being me.

Artemis nodded and agreed.

Yeah. Sure. Okay.

In other news, my second animal guide may not be a kestrel, more of a kiwi bird… but American. I don’t know how else to describe it.

And Hawk is doing very well. Feeling ‘very regal.’

Spoke to a Representative of the Universe. Told me what I needed to do in terms of my pagan study. He called me a witch; it wasn’t said as a sneer but more in reference to who I am. And he also put a sticker of an eye *on* my third eye.

There was a lot going on. It gave me a slight headache.


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