Anonymous asked: What websites do you recommend to beginner witches?

spiritscraft answered: (great articles on magical theory) (a good community for beginners, it takes a lot of dedication to get invited into the private half of the forums, but its worth it and the public portions of the forum are still invaluable) the online academy I am a mentor at. This school has hours of recorded classes and lectures available to paid students and a quite few things for free too. I enjoyed the 7 week mini-course offered here and the rest of the school is quite cheaply priced too. This is a dear friend of mine’s witch school and I adore her and know she gives top notch education. She also charges reasonable fees for her time.

Some of these websites have nominal charges for education. Sometimes its worth paying to get personalized attention and reliable education from a dedicated teacher. Its alarming how people think they are owed everything for free. You should never pay huge amounts for witchcraft education, but small fees are reasonable and necessary sometimes if you want someone who will really mentor you.

All of the above are non-wiccan witchcraft. I don’t trust any online wiccan sites because wicca is supposed to be taught directly by a coven. If you are interested in learning wicca, I suggest sending me an ask off of anon and I can put you in contact with resources.


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