January 16th, 2015

Thank you, tarotofthekittenofblade.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I have been lucky to get two free readings from this awesome person when she advertised back in December. She gave me some positive news about my work and then, later on, gave me very good insight to a personal problem I’d been having.

Even though I had only given her the tiniest bit of information, I felt as though she already knew about the topic at hand, like we had been friends for years. I’ve only received a few free readings through tumblr, but the feeling of familiarity tarotofthekittenofblade gives in her responses is… uncanny, in my opinion.

Not only is Candace great at giving readings, but she was also kind enough to help me when I did a reading for myself. Normally, I understand what the cards are showing but this one just stumped me. I contacted Candace, mainly because I already knew she was fantastic at reading tarot but also because she is a fantastic person in general.

We haven’t been talking long but I already know she is super nice, always willing to help (when she can), and is easily approachable. I feel that she is also a very determined person when it comes to whatever comes her way; be it working on items for her shop or doing readings. She wants you to have this information.

(And that reading she helped me with? Not only did she validate what I thought the cards were saying, but she also wrote her own thoughts down, which made me understand the reading in a way I wouldn’t have thought of.)

So, when she posted about tarot bags she was thinking of selling at her store, I commented about getting a bag in the future (not necessarily this one, but one in general). And because she is made of awesome, she offered to make me one.

I was floored by her generosity. What? Me?

I did donate to her shop because I felt like I should give her something in return for those readings. We corresponded via e-mail and she let me know what the fabric would look like after I told her what deck it would be used for. And then it was in the mail!

I was buzzing with anticipation.

deck bag 1

Candace has such insight when reading tarot and her bags for tarot cards are simple (which I love) yet elegant in design. I took it out and just looked at it for a few seconds, thinking, “Yes, this is it.”

deck bag 2
deck bag 3

It. Is. Beautiful! The fabric choices and the deck together are just stunning.

deck bag 4

I just… I can’t get over how wonderful it is. And the cards are snug as a bug in a really stylish yet classy rug.

deck bag 5

I don’t need any other bag for my cards. This is their new home.

deck bag 6

Thank you, Candace.  I hope you can feel my appreciation in this post for everything you’ve done for me in the short while we’ve known each other.  If ever we meet, I will hug you!


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