nerdypagan: The Gods will use your dash to get your attention. They will use the books you are reading to get your attention. They will use the vanity plate on the car in front of you to get your attention. The question is, are you paying attention?

cristowitch: I have a running theory that deities use tumblr to shop for followers. Practically like amazon. Persephone seems to be one that shops the pagan tag often. You can just see Hades in the glow of a laptop with an exasperated look on his face going “another one?”

asphodel-grimoire: This is so cute I hope they see how people love them uwu

Especially Hades okay like stop hating on Hades 2k15

scarletmagdalene: We’re side eyeing you so hard right now Hollywood

filia-luciferi: Don’t forget music, they do use music too.

queendragonsidhe: Music, randoms bits of conversation you hear in passing, the tv

twistedsouzou: Conversations, any media you use often, videogames.

mutant-wolf2: That’s actually how Artemis got my attention. All those tumblr info posts about her with the pretty pictures to go along with it. Then there was that slap in the face with that one tarot reading I did for myself: the question was something like, ‘how can I better my spirituality?’ And I got The High Priestess, which to me, is Artemis’ card.

Since I’ve acknowledged her, I haven’t seen a single post directly about her. Funny how that works out.


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