Protection Charm Bag

This is a little protection charm bag you can use to keep your home safe from negative or evil influences.

You will need:

Small black bag
A black feather
A small stone
A hammer
A torn strip of black paper

You’ll need a natural stone, around the size of a quarter. Use the hammer to break the stone into at least 2 pieces. Gather up all the bits and put them in the bag, along with the feather.

If the feather is too long, use scissors to cut it. Just make sure you use all the pieces. Roll up the strip of torn paper, and stick that in the bag as well.

Tie the bag closed, and bury it out by the back door of your home. If you live in an apartment, stash is some place hidden near your balcony door or anywhere opposite from your main entrance. This little spell can keep your home safe as long as its in place.


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