Emotional Healing – Bottle Magic

I like to use a bottle small enough to be used as a necklace for this one, so I can keep it with me when I need it.

You’ll need any of these elements:

  • a container, bottle or jar
  • a small candle (a tealight or votive will do, preferably in white)
  • lavender (oil or plant)
  • neroli or orange oil
  • nutmeg
  • sweetgrass or gardenia (fresh or dried)
  • obsidian or clear quartz

Add whichever herbs and oils you can to your container. If you have something a little bigger, consider adding moon water or some more personal items related to the spell. You can also write down your intention on a small strip of paper, and put it in the bottle or jar with the other ingredients, if you wish.

Light your candle, and say this incantation, out loud or in your mind:

“By Earth and Water,
Air and By Fire,
May you hear this wish,
Sources of Life and Light
Sources of the day and of the Earth,
I invoke you here,
Heal my body and mind.”

Seal your container and blow out your candle. The spell is finished. If you feel like the spell needs a boost, give the container a shake and it will bring more energy and revitalize it.



Since February is the month of love and relationships, more than half of these prompts focus on your relationships with others, while the last week focuses on personal growth and improvement. I know that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d rather have a connecting thread running through all of the questions. I hope you don’t mind!

Unlike the New Year’s Tarot Pledge, which ran for the first 21 days of January, this isn’t an “official” challenge. There won’t be daily banners or prize raffles, and there really aren’t any rules. Feel free to post every day, or whenever you feel like it. Answer whatever prompts you like, and just change or ignore the ones that won’t be of any help to you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest behind. 🙂

The full list of prompts, in order:

  1. What is the theme of my journey this month?
  2. What area of my life needs the most work this month?
  3. What aspect of my life should I leave alone to develop on its own?
  4. What personal dreams and goals should I focus on this month?
  5. What inner qualities do I need to express more?
  6. What obstacles should I be aware of?
  7. How can I overcome these obstacles?
  8. Who do I know that needs my help right now?
  9. How can I inspire others?
  10. How can I play a larger role in my community?
  11. How can I strengthen my friendships?
  12. How can I improve my relationship with my family?
  13. What does my ideal romantic relationship look like?
  14. What are the qualities of my ideal romantic partner?
  15. What strengths do I bring to my relationships? (platonic, romantic, and otherwise?)
  16. What are my weaknesses when it comes to relationships? (platonic, romantic, and otherwise?)
  17. What desires have I been denying?
  18. How can I care for my physical body?
  19. How can I care for my mental self?
  20. How can I connect with my highest spiritual self?
  21. How can I balance my physical, mental, and spiritual needs?
  22. What old pain do I need to let go of?
  23. What opportunities have I been ignoring?
  24. Why have I been lacking confidence?
  25. How can I increase my self-esteem?
  26. What was the most important lesson I learned this month?
  27. How have I improved this month?
  28. What have I accomplished so far?

January 30th, 2015

Hmm… Well, that didn’t go quite as I had hoped.

When I first met Artemis, I imagined myself opening my patio door, walking outside. And so I was wondering which door would be the one through which I meet Isis. I couldn’t get a good feel on any of them, so I decided to visit my meadows and do some thinking there.

As I walked down to the tunnel that lead to my meadow, the floor and the walls quickly began to be coated in gold. And my clothes, which, this time, were dark blue scrubs, changed while I was walking into a floor-length, dress of some kind. It was basically what you see the female Egyptian statues wearing. At the same time of my clothes changing, rings, bracelets, arm bands, necklace, headbands that come forward and lay across your forehead, and that traditional wig of black hair appeared. I was sight to see, I’ll tell you that.

As I continued walking down the tunnel, the gold kept covering everything. When I got the pond of the Universe, the gold stopped a few feet away. I bent down and gave my respects, realizing that the Universe is feeling sluggish today. Very, “five more minutes, mom,” or “I guess I’ll do the dishes now.”

I walked past the pond and came to the bottom of the stairs that lead to my meadows. But instead of one giant opening, there were now two. The opening on the left was bigger and led to a place with hues of gold and yellow. The opening on the right led to my meadows, to which it was dark, things were sleeping.

Knowing I was here to meet Isis, I chose to walk through the opening on the left. And not really surprised, found myself in Egypt, a ways away from the pyramids. At the end of a little walkway, was an uncovered Jeep and two guards waiting for me. One of the guards was the driver and the other sat with me in the back seat. I didn’t make small talk with them, but they seemed friendly enough.

I think the driver was associated with Anubis, as it had a dog-like head, and the one that sat with me was associated with Horus, as this one had a bird-like head.

As we drove, I saw a bird in the sky and called up to Hawk, but who came down was much bigger and more eagle-like than Hawk. But the bird landed on my arm just fine and we continued to drive a little bit until we came to one-story building with sand dunes up against the outside walls. I set the eagle on a branch, understanding that while Hawk would love to be here with me, he can’t because this is something I have to do on my own.

Four more guards were posted outside the main entrance, very casual. They watched me go in with no protests. Once inside, I walked a few steps to a lowered… walkway, I guess, with stairs leading up to main areas. A younger person, I couldn’t tell if they were male or female, got off of a lounging chair and came to stand in front of me. They were shirtless, wore a skirt of some kind with a length of fabric on the front that wasn’t sewed down, and they also had jewelry on, including some eyeliner.

I knelt down and offered my respects to the Goddess Isis. The person stood in front of me, arms crossed, denying me access. I announced again that I was here to personally greet the Goddess Isis, someone who might want to meet me in return.

“She’s not here.” The person said, rather loudly. I could tell they wanted me to go away.

There was a curtain behind the lounging chair that was tightly closed. I said, “Maybe she’s in there. Could you go and tell her that I am here?”

“There’s no one there. Go away.”

I thought, maybe this is a test? From what I read, she is also a goddess of magic. So I tried to form to an invisible shield around myself, like an invisibility cloak. I don’t know if it succeeded because I didn’t get very far. My cloak may have worked, but whomever this person was saw right through it. Though they gave me props for trying.

I tried a couple of different ways to get behind the curtain or to convince the young person to go get Isis herself. But they were adamant: Isis was not here.

The person said, “She’s not here right now. Go back to your regularly scheduled programming.”

Translation: You’re still to meet her, but not now. She’s not here. You usually meditate on a certain day, wait until then and try again.

Which is true, I usually meditate on Sunday or Monday nights. I just figured I had some extra time before bed now, doesn’t hurt to try.

The young person thought my attempts to get any farther were admirable. But go home.

So I did.

January 29th, 2015

I really want to tell my friend that I’m getting ready to greet Isis tonight, but she’s sick and went to bed early.  So I’m telling anyone who reads this:

I’m getting ready to meet Isis tonight. I’m nervous and I hope I treat her with the respect I know she deserves.  Not only do I wonder why she chose me, but I also wonder what she might be able to teach me.

I guess I’ll update when I get back.

The Names You Give Yourself

Do not forget, or ever reveal, the names you give yourself when you survive defeat. They are your trophies of existence, marks that you were not destroyed.

They are your talismans, marks in the cosmic fabric to prove You were once Here, and you Fell, and you yet Continue.

Keep them private and you grant yourself something that can never be taken away, broken, or used against you.

Anonymous asked: Hello! i have a question: I’m just starting and I don’t have any deities that click with me,however, some animals do: I’m kind of obsessed with foxes and yesterday I had a encounters with turtles ._. I saw a turtled shaped opalite and I froze, also I dreamed of a sea turtle. Can I work with animal guides and not deities? Must people only have one animal guide?

nightingale-apothecary answered: Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s totally okay to work with more than one animal guide. I did however dig up that Aphrodite is linked with the sea turtle. Anyone have some guidance on this?

mutant-wolf2: From what I’ve read and learned, you don’t absolutely need a deity.

As for animal guides, I have two. One is my constant companion, and the other is there to help me learn, grow, or represent something. The second guide is not a permanent guide, I recently “grew out” of my first guide and now I’ve got another one.

Granted, I only see these guys when I meditate, so I don’t know if this helps you.