Pendulum Divination

What is pendulum divination?
As the name suggests, this is divining using a pendulum as a tool. You can buy a ready made pendulum, or make one yourself by tying any weighted object to the end of a string. Something like a necklace can work just fine as a pendulum, also.

How is it done?
Pendulum divination can be performed with or without a pendulum board.
To use a board, lay it on a flat surface and sit in front of it. Hold your pendulum by its chain directly over the board. When you’re ready, ask a question (out loud or in your head), and wait for the pendulum to move towards one of the phrases. This might take seconds, or minutes! There’s no way of knowing until it happens.

Starting off with a simple question before moving on to any more serious ones is a good idea- This becomes especially important when divining without a board.

This requires ‘programming’ your pendulum first. Once again, sit down holding your pendulum by the chain over a flat surface. Ask your pendulum to show you a “yes”. In time, your pendulum will begin to swing in a certain way- left to right, in a circle, up and down- Whatever direction, this means “yes”. Ask your pendulum to show you “no”. Whichever way your pendulum responds this time means “no”.

Starting off with simple questions allows you to get the feel of the pendulum, and makes sure you understand it properly. When you feel more confident, you can advance to trickier questions.


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