Understanding Your Aura Color: White

A white aura is the rarest aura color on the planet. At certain times in human history, there may be as few as only one incarnated white-aura being among the entire global population.

A pure white aura is the mark of an incarnated being who has transcended the limitations of the physical realm.

These extremely rare individuals are free from personal issues, hang-ups, and health problems, which is why their auras project pure white frequencies. They appear to be highly evolved in thought and behavior, and their energetic emissions are sensed by others as being electric, as if in the presence of an Angel or a prophet.

The personal destiny of a white aura being involves incarnating on the Earth plane in order to fulfill a prophecy or enact profound change in the name of positive evolution.

Through meditation, regular Chakra clearing, and diligent efforts to overcome mental and physical limitations, we can experience moments of pulsing white light through out own auras.


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