Candle and Color Magic

Purple, Violet

Psychological Meanings: contemplation, enchantment, intuition, meditation, mystery, soul searching, spirituality, distance, introspection, richness, royalty, subduing, vision

Esoteric Meanings: advertising, ambition, ancient wisdom, attraction, break bad luck, ceremonial magic, clear thought, communication, compassion, concentration, confidence, contracts, correspondences, counteracting evil/negativity/black magic, creativity, editing, education, emotional healing/control, emotions, expands what you already have, expansion, forgiveness, freedom, healing, hidden forces/knowledge, honors, household protection, humility, idealism, imagination, inner peace, inspiration, intelligence, intuition, justice, kinship, leadership, logic, meditation, memory, merchants, messages, mysticism, night magic, passion, peace, personal responsibility, piety, power, progress, protection, purification, recognition, religious devotion, reversing curses, royalty, security, self-assurance, selflessness, sensitivity, spirituality, strength, students, success, tension, tolerance, wealth, wisdom, writing

Higher Powers: Angels, Ancient Ones, the spirit world, divination/prophecy deities

Time/Season: Beltane, Samhain, Yule, Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday

Zodiac/Planetary: Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn

Energy Zones: bones, ears, eyes, face, mental healing, nervous system, pituitary gland, treatment of allergies, sleep disorders, stress-related disorders, upper respiratory system, Crown Chakra

Magical Notes: the strongest spiritual color; long exposure to this color can, in some people, cause depression; use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego


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