Candle and Color Magic


Psychological Meanings: activity, child-likeness, energy, friendliness, fruitfulness, fun, happiness, heat, loudness, optimism, persuasion, self-assurance, sociability, vitality

Esoteric Meanings: abundance, action, adaptability, ambition, assertiveness, attraction, authority, breaking down barriers, business/property deals/goals, career, changing luck, charm, cleanses negative attitudes/situations/places, control, courage, creativity, dominance, drawing good things, druid magic, eliminating procrastination/anxiety/stress, emotional healing, encouragement, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, feelings of abandonment, finding solutions for goals, general success, goals, happiness, harvest, increasing opportunities, investments, justice, kindness, legal matters, love bondage, material gain, mental alertness, motivation, optimism, passion, persistence, personal strength, power, prosperity, quick manifestation, self-confidence/reliance, speaking one’s mind, stimulation, strength, success, sudden changes, universal “oneness”, warmth

Higher Powers: Fire element, luck/fortune deities

Time/Season: Beltane, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, Spring, Summer, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, feasts, celebrations, harvest times

Zodiac/Planetary: Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Mercury, the Sun

Energy Zones: Adrenaline, bladder, digestion, healing coughs/colds/asthma/arthritis/exhaustion, kidneys, lymph nodes, relieving depression, pelvis, sperm, uterus, Sacral Chakra

Magical Notes: attracts the characteristics wanted from other tools/spells/rituals; use to seal a spell


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