naturevibesandspirits asked: Two questions. 1. I started my path on become a pagan witch maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I was still really shaky. When I moved into my dorm in august, I sort of let go. But i want to get back. i realise that it will be awhile before I can be decent at magick. but what would you suggest on how to start my journey as if this were day one? 2. I do have some stones. When I was setting up my altar in my dorm today i realised my quartz crystal broke. is there any meaning behind that?

thepaganstudygrouppage answered:

1. All right, there are a variety of things that may help you, especially if you really want to start all over again.

I’ve highlighted the links that should really be the most helpful when you are just beginning from scratch again.

2. I do not know what it means, or if it means anything. Crystals break all the time, either just from becoming weak and falling apart or from being crushed or smashed into something when we aren’t looking.

Especially since I wasn’t present when the crystal broke, I do not know anything of the circumstance. If you do some divination, you could attempt to figure out if there was a meaning behind the quartz breaking.

earth-horn: Ive heard rumors that crystals often break when they have fulfilled their purpose. That is, if you had it for a specific reason, you may no longer need it for that reason anymore.


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