thevoidisawesome asked: What do you recommend for beginners?

tarotgram answered: I’m gonna give you a quick and dirty ‘starter kit’ 🙂

You will a need:

1) A deck

Have you seen any decks that you feel super drawn to? Whatever it is, get it. You don’t have to get the traditional Rider-Waite (unless you’re drawn to it!) You’ll find working and practicing with the cards will be easier if you like your deck. If you haven’t found a deck that you love yet, you can browse all kinds of decks at Aecletic or on Deck of the Day.

Short on funds? You can print yourself a deck! Go here and here.

2) Reference materials

There are lots of tarot books. The one I have (and love and actually refer to all the time) is 78 Degrees of Wisdom.

However there are some really great resources for learning meanings and studying symbolism online! These are my favorites:

Learn Tarot

Biddy Tarot

Truly Teach Me Tarot

Also, I really encourage you to sign up with the Aecletic Tarot Forums!

3) A journal

You’re gonna do practice readings (whether on yourself or on friends) so always document them! The spread, the cards and your impressions so you can revisit them later. Always. Take. Notes.

You can even take it a step further and just pull cards from your deck to write about. This is a nice exercise to get to know your deck better and also to help you delve into the many layers of meaning in each card.

4) Lots of patience with yourself 🙂

Never forget that you’re a beginner! Sometimes a card is gonna stump you, or a reading won’t make sense. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Take a deep breath, walk away and come back to it later.

Also keep in mind that this kind of work is draining (even for more experienced readers!) so always rest when you feel like you need it.

And that’s pretty much all you need to hit the ground running 🙂 if anyone wants to add more suggestions, please do so!


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