War Water

War water is used for:

  • To gain protection. This is an extremely aggressive, forceful spiritual cleanser.
  • To reverse a curse and send it back to where it came from.
  • To place a curse. War water is a traditional and allegedly potent weapon during psychic warfare and witch wars.
War water can be used in:
  • Warding
  • Floor washes
  • To splash on a door step or other target
  • It can also be added to or used in spell work for protection, cleansing, reversal spells, hex work, and more (great for spell bottles and jars)

Standard Protective War Water

Place iron nails in a mason jar. Cut iron nails are recommended because they rust very easily, but any iron nails may be used. Add enough water to cover the nails. Leave this undisturbed until rust begins to form, typically within seven to ten days. The jar should be kept closed most of the time, but opened periodically to encourage oxidation.

Once the rusting process begins, more water may be added. Keep the jar in a refrigerator or some other cool area. Strain the water as needed, rusted nails can be saved for later use.

You may continue adding water to the original nails virtually indefinitely. However, should mold or bacteria ever form, discard everything, including the jar, and start again from scratch.

Standard Malevolent War Water

Collect water from a fierce thunderstorm. Add rusty nails, sulfur and some of your own urine. Store this in a cold, dry place until you need it. This version is used to either place or reverse a curse/hex. The rusted nails from the Protective Formula may be used to create this version.

Notes: War water is not intended for consumption, rusted nails should be handled with care. These are simple standard recipes, they can be personalized and adapted as necessary to give the water more kick.

Found in: The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes /


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