Samhain Protection Amulet

This amulet is to be worn at Samhain to protect you from any malevolent spirits or otherworldly beings that may cross over to say hi. You will need:

Make sure that the gemstone you use won’t be damaged by being left in salt for three hours.

Place the bowl on a windowsill or someplace safe and quiet. Place the gemstone in the bowl and fill it with sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder until you can’t see the gemstone any more. Leave it there for no more than three hours.

Take the stone from the mixture and make sure to wipe off every last bit of powder and every last grain of salt and pepper. Leaving it there could damage the stone.

Place the stone in front of you and, with your finger, draw either a protection sigil or an image you deem protective (I like drawing a shield). Hold the stone in your hands. Picture yourself shielded by a golden, white, green, or blue light. Visualize the light entering you, as if you skin is absorbing it. When this is done, attach the stone to the cord and wear it. You could also hang it in an area with high spirit activity (though you don’t need a cord for this; you could simply use the stone).

(Note: You can dispose of the protection powder mix if you’d like, but I like scattering it around my house; just make sure that you don’t throw it on plants and salt is known to kill grass and plants sometimes.)


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