Protection Spell: “My Blood is Armour”

A spell to protect you from negativity and weakness, to reinforce your emotional armour. To protect you from harm that comes from within.


  • Black pepper, lime, garlic
  • Red pen
  • Red cloth
  • Red ribbon (or scrap of cloth, elastic, string)
  • Needle and thread (or staples, glue)
  • Blood/red paint/red ink


  1. Cut a square of fabric and sew it into a pouch. While sewing, focus on your intent. Stuff the pouch with your herbs, and sew it shut.
  2. Sew or otherwise attach a length of ribbon to either side of the pouch. You should be able to tie them together around your forearm.
  3. This is your first shield.
  4. Write the phrase “My blood is armour” in a circle around your non-dominant arm (left, for most people) where you will tie the shield. Repeat it if necessary.
  5. Along the back of your arm, smear the blood/paint/ink, preferably into a rough square shape.
  6. The blood and words together form your second shield.
  7. Tie the cloth shield in place, over the blood shield, while repeating the words “My blood is armour”, and focusing on being protected from negativity and weakness.

I realize the phrasing is a little obscure and definitely use a different chant if you prefer. I used this chant because of the idea of having armour under your skin, having armour to protect you from within. Also, I actually use the Sindarin translation “Gerin sereg nin sui ambath nin”, which is more exactly I have my blood as my armour.


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