Knitting Spell (For Protection)

This poem/spell came to me earlier while I was cooking, and I hurried to write it down. I knit, but I think anyone who knits, crochets, embroiders or does some other kind of fiber craft can use this. I tried not to use language specific to knitting. I would envision the person the handmade item is intended for, wearing the thing, its protection forming a web around them, as you chant:

May this garment be as armor
a shield against the woes of life.
Bring peace and steadiness of mind,
snatch good fortune into your loops
even as I weave you.
Give him/her/them shelter from the winds
the biting rain and cold,
and bring him/her/them back, as day ends
to the warmth of home.

You could add a line or two, invoking a protective deity or spirit (especially one associated with crafts). I feel that it would be most effective or most appropriately used as you’re starting a project, though you can repeat the chant continuously and meditate on your loved one.


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