Full Moon Protection for Jewelry

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering if you have any spells to enchant a piece of jewelry (necklace/bracelet/ring) with protective properties? Like a protective amulet against negative energy, spirits, etc. Thank you very much and blessed be!

natural-magics answered: Full Moon Protection Spell for Jewelry

Fill a bowl with sea salt and lavender (rosemary also works well). Place the amulet on top of the salt the day before a full moon. On the night of the full moon, stir the salt three times with your finger in a clockwise motion around the amulet while visualizing protective energy surround and permeating it.

Next, move the bowl in a circular motion, going clockwise. As you do this, visualize the protective energy rising and building from your actions. Say the following chant as many times as you desire while you move the bowl:

Oh, light of the moon
Wrap me
Protect me
Keep me from harm

Allow the amulet to bathe in the moonlight overnight. Scatter the salt and herbs outside the following day. This spell should be repeated every month during the full moon.

Notes: if you’re worried that the salt might damage the surface of the jewelry, place a bay leaf under it to separate it from the salt. Also, if you have trouble with visualization, you can use a white candle to help you focus.


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