Charm of the Beast

A charm for personal and/or home protection.


  • dried lavender
  • dried rosemary
  • dragon’s blood resin
  • a black or red drawstring pouch
  • fur from a powerful animal (found/scavenged, do not harm or aggravate the animal to get its fur)

Grind and mix the herbs and resin together, then pour the mixture into the pouch. Add the fur, close the pouch. Hold it in your hands and say the following while envisioning the animal and how its strength inspires you:

“Creature who is strong, creature who is mighty,
Lend your power to this charm.
Those who intend to do me harm,
shall turn on their heels and run.”

Uses for the blend/charm:

  • Draw a pentacle, sigil or any personal symbol of strength and/or protection on the pouch – carry it with you for personal strength and protection.
  • Throw the charm bag into an outside fire to encourage protection of the property.
  • Bury the charm bag near your doorstep to ward against negative energy and unwanted visitors.
  • Burn the mixture (not the pouch) to drive away negativity that afflicts you.
  • Burn the mixture (not the pouch) in your home or in a room that you wish to cleanse.

Inspired/adapted from (source).


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