A Witch’s Jar for Protection

Classically, a Witch’s jar is a lidded glass jar filled with broken glass, herbs, old nails, pins, thorns and anything that is sharp and can catch something or prick something. For a modern spin on the Witch jar, instead of broken glass, flat-bottomed glass marbles can be used. When using these instead, the glass marbles reflect negativity all over the surface of the colored glass and keeps bouncing around inside the jar until it gets smaller and smaller finally dissipates.

  • 1 medium-sized glass jar with lid
  • 1 small bag of red or black glass marbles
  • old iron nails or pins
  • 3-4 holly leaves
  • 3-4 thorns from a red rose
  • a garlic clove (a Mars herb that will absorb negativity)
  • a black permanent marker

Do this on a Tuesday. Wash and dry the jar and the lid; set them aside. Begin by placing the clove of garlic in the bottom of the dry jar. Next, begin layering in some of the glass marbles, a few pins, a nail, a holly leaf and the rose thorns. Add more marbles then another nail or pins, the holly leaf, and thorns. Keep going until you fill up the jar.

When the jar is full, hold your hands over the top of the jar and put some of your own protection energy into it. Visualize your need for protection filling up the jar and empowering all the supplies that are held within. Now screw the lid onto the jar, and draw a pentagram surrounded by a circle on the top of the jar with the black marker.

Now pick up the jar and hold it up to the sunlight. See all the light sparkling through the glass and bouncing around off those colored marbles? Pretty isn’t it? But in this case, pretty really gets the job done. Now, give the jar a gentle shake to start the magick. Hold the jar in both hands and concentrate on what you are doing. Then when you are ready, repeat the spell:

“Tuesdays are the day for protection and courage
This Witch’s jar will remove any and all worries
Garlic to keep emotional vampires at bay
This jar is a magickal tool working night and day
The thorns and nails catch any evil that may occur
While colored pieces of glass will reflect and scatter
This jar is now sealed with the sound of a Witch’s rhyme
The protective magick begins in this place and time.”

Place the jar in the most-used room in your house. Tuck it in a corner, behind the living room couch, or under your desk. Allow the jar to absorb and to break up any negativity or spite coming your way. This spell may be renewed every few months or so by holding up the jar to the light and allowing the sun’s light to burn out any lingering energy. If you wish, you may replace the old garlic clove with a fresh one. Then, please repeat the spell verse over the newly arranged, sealed and freshened jar. (source)


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