Anonymous asked: I’ve only recently began to feel be equal with nature as something of the universe, but I don’t feel in touch enough. What can I do to feel closer to earth spiritually? I need to feel at ease.

earthlyspirit answered:

• Take time alone so just observe your thoughts, let them flow however they may and just observe the nature of them, are they positive? Negative? Constructive? Detrimental? When you gain understanding of your own self talk you can begin to tweak it and gradually change it to serve you in a better way.

• Spend time amongst the trees, by the rivers, feet in the sand, eyes on the sea wherever in nature your heart guides you. Be quiet and still and breathe deeply whilst visualising yourself inhaling the love and nourishment of the nature around you.

• Visualise Source energy in the form of white light being drawn into your crown chakra in the top of your head, feeding downwards, spreading throughout your body, down each chakra and filling you with a sense of refreshment and ease, then visualise as this light is anchored through your feet deep into the ground. Do this multiple times every day whenever you’re feeling disconnected.

• Meditate daily, take time to be consciously aware of what you’re grateful for, find beauty in minor miracles.

There are so many small exercises and actions that you can undertake in order to feel more grounded, balanced and connected to your true self and the Oneness you are made up of (and surrounds you at all times)
Blessings and love xxx


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