Amulet vs Talisman

AMULET – An amulet is made to protect a person from trouble; “an object, either natural or man made, which is believed to protect a person from trouble.” An amulet can be anything: a seashell, a colored crystal, roots, a diamond ring, or a horseshoe. There are two types of amulets: natural and man-made.

TALISMAN – The word Talisman means “to consecrate”. It is the precise act of consecration that gives an amulet it’s magical powers. A talisman must be charged with magical power by person preparing it. The talisman is always prepared for a specific reason. According to the Golden Dawn a talisman is a magical figure’s charge of the force which is intended to represent it. In the consecration of a talisman, care must be taken to make it as far as possible so into a represent universal forces that it should be in exact harmony with those that you wish to attract, and the more exact the symbolism, the easier it is to attract the forces—other things coinciding, such as consecration at the right time, ect. All the symbols carefully taken into consideration by the magician during the preparation of a talisman the correspondence of the planets such as colours, metals and their spheres of influence ideally; it should be made of metal inscribed with the planet whose influences is desired. When this is not possible parchment can be used.


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