mutant-wolf2: Hello there! I started studying tarot and spirituality about two months ago and since then Artemis has popped up a lot. I was doing a reading for myself today and there she was! I’ve had the feeling she’s been trying to get my attention for some time so I was wondering if you had any advice on what I can do honor her on a small altar? Preferably some crystals, types of flowers, or incense? As well as any way to possibly get in touch with her, maybe some sort of meditation? Thank you.

thebacchichuntressI don’t know if you sent this a while back and I missed it, or if it just happened to coincide with a message I was just sent on a different blog. If you sent it a while ago I am so sorry I missed it! I never got a notification I had a message.

As for a way to honor her, in my little mini altar (which lives inside of a candle bowl) I have stones, moss, leaves and flowers, a rabbits foot, a piece of antler, an an arrow head. I find She tends to like things that come from nature. I personally associate moonstone with her, but things like quartz, or whichever crystals and stones are abundant in you area are good ideas as well.

If you can dry flowers, that’s a lovely thing to do for her. I keep dried roses, and some baby’s breath, but any flower you think suits Her or you think She’d like would do. Tree branches like pine, fallen leaves, or even pinecones are also good. She has a lot of ties to the forests, so use your imagination.

As for incense, I find warmer, woodier scents to be appropriate. I’ve offered dragonsblood, patchouli, and vanilla with good results, but I also don’t have a large variety/fancy selection of incense to start with. Overall it’s more the intent and the effort that count.

I also have a list of offerings to Her HERE if you’d like.

I’m not the best person to ask about getting in touch with the Gods, but if you’ve been studying Tarot that is a good start. There are spreads that are specifically tailored to talking with the Gods. Personally, I do a meditation sort of thing that puts me in this clearing in a forest. It relies heavily on circles, a round fire, a circle of stone, rings of trees, and I break through deeper until I reach said fire, where She sits.

I hope that was helpful and not just me rambling! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask, and hopefully I’ll actually get the notice next time.


Be Well,

– The Bacchic Huntress

mutant-wolf2: That was very helpful.  I especially liked your meditation. I believe that may help the best.  Thank you!


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