Connecting With Your Tarot Deck

Some tarot readers like to refer to their cards a spiritual beings, doorways to their subconscious, and sometimes even people. I think it’s important to get to know all 78 personalities. If it important to have a beautiful relationship with your deck so that you can achieve the best possible experience with it.

Spend Quality Time With Your Tarot Deck – Your tarot cards will closely attune to your energy when you spend quality time with them, making for better readings. Some readers suggest sleeping with them under your pillow. Go on a date with your deck; carry them around in your bag. Use them. Make sure you handle your cards regularly, even if you’re not doing readings. Just remove them from the bag or box and shuffle them for a few minutes. This re-energizes the deck. Look at the images again and re-familiarize yourself with the nuances of each card.

Meditation – You can meditate while you hold your deck in your hands. Meditation and tarot cards have long been used for spiritual growth.

Treat Your Cards With Respect – You can think of deck as an extension of yourself if you like. Some readers treat their decks as people, others as cherished objects. If you do not take your deck seriously, it will not take your questions, concerns or inquiries seriously.

Talk To Your Deck – You can start talking to your deck directly. Conversing with a deck is not mandatory but it does help to establish the firm foundation of a bond between you and your Tarot deck. Ask the deck questions about itself. It is also good to journal with it.

Bonding – Take out your deck and look at each card as if you were looking at photographs from your own family photo album. Write poetry with your cards; draw or paint your favorite cards from your deck; give each card its own personal name.


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