The Enchanted Divination Coin/Bill

If you charge for your divination services, keep an enchanted coin or dollar bill in your tarot pouch or box to help bring not only steady abundance but the most harmonious querents for your reading style.

Clean the Coin/Bill – For the coin, water and salt will do just fine. For the dollar bill, soap and water. Yes, wash the bill and allow it to dry. You can visualize any previous or negative energy being removed as you clean.

Preparing the Coin/Bill For Use – Once the coin or bill is dry, take a pencil and write your initials on it.

Charging – Take the coin or bill in your dominant hand and visualize a bright golden light fusing it with power. Then visualize a silver bean of light hardening over the coin/bill to seal the power. Tip: if you have trouble visualizing, close your eyes and have your eyes look up. It will pull you into a higher vibration and centered mind state.

Prayer/Incantation/Words of Power – If you wish to say an affirmation, prayer, or words of power, try this:

Charm of power, Charm of wealth,
Bring paying customers who need my help.
Charm of clarity, help to guide
The right seekers, for the divination I provide.

The Grand Finale – Put the charm in your tarot bag, pouch, or box. Allow it to work for you.

Feeding the Charm – Whenever you feel like your charm needs an extra boost, lick your thumb and press it against the coin or bill. Your saliva will act as the link to your charm and your enchantment.


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