Anonymous asked: I think I’m at a point where I’m ready accept Gods and Goddesses into my life. I’m not scared anymore. I’ve heard meditation is a good way to find your patron, but Ive never meditated before, and I’m not sure how? Any advice?

pomegranateandivy answered: Well, there’s a few different ways that fall under the meditation and trance category. The “classic” form of meditation that we tend to think of is stationary meditation. Get yourself a comfy pillow, sit down and get nice and comfortable. Focus on your breathing. You’ll hear a lot of “clear your mind”, but not a lot of people talk about what that means or how to do it. When I clear my mind, I start by focusing on a single item, or action. Like I suggested, focus on breathing. Not just the in-out of breathing, but let yourself focus on how your lungs feel when the expand and contract, how that effects the other muscles and organs in the area, how each breath changes. You’ll start to notice your posture change each time you inhale, and the feel of your body moving to keep itself running. From there, it’s much easier to let your mind slip into trance and to start noticing things from the veil/astral/ether/ect…

If that doesn’t work for you, there’s moving meditation. Same thing, except you’re doing some form of exercise normally. This can be running, swimming, yoga, martial arts, weights….anything really. Some people find it easier to enter a trance when they can focus on moving their entire body, and using exercise to release endorphins can help with that too.

Dance has been used as a form of meditation and trance induction in plenty of different cultures for a long time. It falls under the category of moving meditation, but I felt it required it’s own mention because the means of inducing trance goes beyond exercise, to include rhythm. Usually there’s a rhythm and steady pattern in the music and dance that can aid in meditation and trance.

And the last one that I’m familiar with (though it’s never worked for me) is chanting or singing. It works for some people, but because I’ve never been able to meditate that way, I’m pretty incapable of clearly explaining how it’s supposed to work.

Try a few different ways, see what works for you. Don’t get discouraged, it’s hard. That’s something else people don’t talk about. Meditation and entering a trance is hard. Most people don’t get it on their first try, or their second, or their third…..It takes practice. Even then, there are some days when you just won’t be able to clear your mind and enter a trance. So just keep at it 🙂 And best of luck in finding a Patron


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